Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Halloween Treat

I’m not your average gay.

I don’t know the first thing about fashion or home design.  I have this almost-paralyzing fear of drag queens.  I can’t dance.  And I don’t like halloween.

Halloween is often referred to as “Gay Christmas” because, apparently, all the gays like to dress up as slutty as possible and grind it out on the dance floor.  (My dislike of Halloween is due to my dislike of anything scary or gory — for me, the Bowser levels in Super Mario Brothers games are a little too tense.  I’m a through-and-through wimp.  My dislike doesn't have to do with being slutty and grinding it on the dance floor — I like that part!)

However, despite my dislike of Halloween, I do like looking at pictures of gay guys in Halloween costumes.  And in the gay world, a “halloween costume” is little more than a jockstrap.  Andrew Christian, a men’s underwear company that largely targets gay men, has been promoting their “Halloween costumes” lately, which are basically either pairs of underwear with MASTER and SLAVE stamped on them, or a jockstrap that resembles a spider web over the ass.

I realize this isn’t the exclusive realm of gay men.  Women often dress up provocatively on Halloween.  However, I think gay men sometimes take it to the next level.

Today’s post is basically a collection of some of the hottest costumes I found on Google.  It’s some much-needed eye candy.  :)

Let’s start off a little more tasteful here, with some super sexy (but fully clothed) costumes that I found on Google that caught my attention:

And, now, it’s time for the good stuff — the real gay Halloween:

I may not go trick-or-treating -- but these guys are definitely a treat for me!

Happy Halloween!


  1. UPDATE: Andrew Christian is promoting their new "costume" - a devil thong.


    1. I just hope that anyone wearing a devil thong, horns, and a tail, and carrying a red trident, with similarly exposed friends nearby, is being very very careful how he swings that trident around.

  2. Great pix, Cameron!

    I particularly like Mr. Nurse.

    I've always wanted to go to the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. Seems like it raises the Halloween slut factor to the Nth power!

    Folsom Street Fair 2016 pix

  3. Cute "costumes," Cameron! At the local LGBT club on Halloween, I've seen quite a few guys in more elaborate costumes than these, though. (At my wedding on Oct 30, 2010, a gay-male friend of ours went as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, and my younger stepson's (het) girlfriend went as Alice. They looked like a couple, though they had never met. They agreed to be photographed together.)

  4. Fun post, Cameron! I love the first Mario and Luigi particularly. Those guys have a great style about them. But that's probably partly because most of that bare male flesh is wasted on me...


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