Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Reminding Him of His Place (#gayerotica #eroticaexcerpt)

I don’t often delve into BDSM themes — which is what first comes to mind when I hear the post theme “Knowing One’s Place” — but one of my first stories touched on it. Going All The Way was the third in a three-part series about hot sex and hot yoga — with the dominant older yoga teacher instructing the nubile young twink yogi in all manner of scorching hot maneuvers. While I feel my writing has improved considerably since when I wrote this story, it remains a consistent seller.

(Fun fact: the characters in this series are loosely based on an older daddy-type yoga teacher and twink yogi that I always saw hanging out together at the hot yoga studio. They might not’ve been fucking, but I’m pretty sure they were.)

In this excerpt, Brad (the dominating teacher) has to remind Simon (the mostly-submissive twink) about his place in the relationship. To give some context, prior to this scene, Simon inserted a vibrating butt plug into his ass, which is controlled by an app on Brad’s smartphone. The excerpt picks up in a gay bar in downtown Toronto, as Brad and Simon are celebrating Simon’s recent win at a regional yoga competition.


When they were alone, Brad picked up his glass and clinked it against Simon’s. “To my favorite boy.”

Simon blushed profusely, trying to hide behind his glass as he sipped. After a few sips he leaned in close, lowering his voice. “Are you going to get me drunk so you can have your way with me? I’ve always wanted to drink and fuck.”

“What, you’ve never done that before? Be honest.” Brad took out his phone and placed it before him on the table.

“Honest!” Simon’s cheeks turned redder still. “I’ve only done a few things before you—with Randy—and since you...only what we did that night at the studio.”

“Hmm. Just Randy, eh?” Brad tossed back another mouthful. It went down smooth, burning a path to his guts.

Simon matched him, taking back his drink as eagerly as he took cock down his throat. His eyes watered, but he steeled himself, pretending to be more of a man than he was. “I’m telling the truth, I promise.”

Brad stared at his phone, tapping the table with a thumb, then slammed back the rest of his drink—Simon copied, fixing him with his best innocent face. Both drinks finished, Brad flagged Alex over to order another round.

“So you want to drink and fuck, eh?” He said when the server was gone. Brad nuzzled his knee against Simon’s under the table. The boy responded by rubbing his foot up along Brad’s calf. That simple touch made Brad ache with need. He longed to take the boy and ravish him, plunge his dick deep inside him, share his energy with him...tell him he loved him.

A ding sounded from Simon’s direction, barely audible above the smooth jazz from the overhead speakers. Simon fished in his pocket, then withdrew his phone. He grinned. Tap tap tap tap tap tap came the annoying click of texting fingers.

“Simon...?” Brad said.

“One sec. Just texting Randy. He’s asking how the tournament went today.”

Brad tapped on his phone too in the designated spots until he hit the desired app that made Simon’s body jolt.

The boy dropped his phone and fixed Brad with pleading eyes. Brad gestured to his phone. “Thought I’d answer a text too while you ignored me.”

Simon clamped his lips shut, slamming his hands against the edge of the table to brace himself, screwing up his face in a ridiculous expression. He squealed—barely audible. A quick glance around revealed that few people noticed or cared about the outburst of sound.

“You seem to have forgotten that you’re still my slave. A little reminder can’t hurt—that’s all this is, a reminder. Now, I will turn this off if you promise not to touch that fucking thing again while we’re out. Got it?”

Simon nodded fiercely. With a tap, Brad turned the vibrator off.

“Now,” Brad said, picking up Simon’s phone where it had fallen on the table, “I hope that taught you a lesson.”

Simon gasped a few times before speaking. “Yeah. I—won’t—anything—I’m—yours.”

“Good boy. Now put it away unless I tell you to take it out.”

“Yes, sir—master.”

Cameron D. James is a writer of gay erotica and M/M erotic romance; his latest release is Erotic Love & Carnal Sins: Confessions of a Priest (co-written with Sandra Claire). He is also the publisher and co-founder of Deep Desires Press, a publisher of erotica and high-heat-level erotic romance. He lives in Canada, is always crushing on Starbucks baristas, and has two rescue cats. To learn more about Cameron, visit http://www.camerondjames.com.


  1. I love the double-entendre of "Reminding Him of his Place." A very tactile piece. No wondered still sells.

  2. "Now put it away unless I tell you to take it out."

    This could be a double entendre, too!

  3. Simon sat up and took notice... :>)

  4. Clever -- using one high-tech device to distract the sub from another high-tech device. :) Nice pacing.

  5. Thanks for the excerpt! I always think it's good when I notice my writing has improved since whenever I wrote some story. It's good to know I've developed! :)


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