Thursday, June 1, 2017

Being Dirty, Feeling Shame ( #ExtremeErotica )

by Annabeth Leong

For the last two weeks, we've been wrestling with the question of what "dirtiest" means. I'm not sure I know what it is either. What's dirtiest can be what's desperately hot, or what's desperately shameful, or both at once.

There was a time in my erotica writing career when I pushed into the deepest recesses of things with a sort of innocence, without knowing that I might find strange things in corners, or disturb myself, or bring up questions that I didn't know how to answer.

After a couple years of writing, I started getting emails from Joe at Sweetmeats Press, and he said he wanted my wildest stuff—the dirtiest and the most creative. I believe I delivered for Joe. I went into some of my deepest fantasies (he's the one who published my book, Untouched, which some of you have read).

For another story, "Safekeeping," I played with a fantasy that had been in my mind for a long time. I used to housesit, and at one point I got fascinated with the inhabitant of an apartment I visited often. We had a very intimate relationship, despite not knowing each other at all. From that was born a story of obsession where I went for it with all my heart. The narrator of the story is obsessed with the object of her affection's body—every trace of it that she can find.

One typical review said: "[This] story really pushed the raunchy-dirty envelope I actually cringed at some of the things that went on."

I know some erotica writers take this stuff in stride or wear it as a badge of honor. I think, though, that I used to believe in some sort of basic similarity between people. I thought my fantasies weren't really any weirder than anyone else's. The stuff I wrote for Sweetmeats proved me wrong. And it made me uncomfortable to feel different or somehow dirtier.

This was the beginning of a period of me learning about this, of finding out that even in our field there's a way you can wind up feeling unacceptably slutty or unacceptably perverse.

I'm here to write dirty stories, right? But there are times when a story can feel too dirty, as in too dirty to be generally acceptable.

So I really like the stuff I wrote for Sweetmeats. I think it's poetic and hot, and it comes from a really deep place in me. But I have trouble recommending it, and if people tell me they're going to read it, I feel scared. And maybe that's what makes this my dirtiest story.

Here's the part of "Safekeeping" that I think made people cringe, if you're curious.


But, like all good things I suppose, that blissful, innocent time had to come to an end eventually. For me, that moment came the night I peeked into the wastebasket beside the bed, having just arrived for another week with Sasha, and saw three used condoms coiled atop a bed of discarded tissues.

My heart stopped, reactions warring in my chest. First, this meant he had another woman, that someone else had lain in his bed and moaned for him. The thought crushed me. It destroyed me. I think I went a little mad from the picture of an unknown beauty with her legs spread, her hips curling up toward Michael’s fingers, her hands on her breasts perhaps, her bright pink tongue just visible through parted lips.

And he had fucked her. Three times! He’d fucked her until she ached. He’d fucked her so she’d feel it the next day, a little bruise at the base of her belly that would make her remember the head of his battering cock. I didn’t know whether to feel pride for my Michael’s prowess or chagrin that he could betray me so many times so easily.

Still, I loved him too much to focus on my resentment. The condoms in the wastebasket presented an opportunity I could not bear to miss. They offered me a chance to finally taste him. For once, I wouldn’t have to seek Michael out through layers of associations. I could place him straight on my tongue. A shiver passed through me, then settled in my cunt. My inner walls quivered for him. Almost, I could convince myself he’d left the condoms as a gift, that he’d understood what I needed from him.

I pulled the first one out of the wastebasket, then sat on the edge of the bed, cradling it in my lap. Would he think I was pathetic if he knew about this? Would she? I imagined the woman he’d been with, smirking at the extent of my desperation for the man I loved. She would pity me if she knew I went through the trash for him, that I treated any little thing that had come from his body as holy. She hadn’t wanted him the way that I did, hadn’t been with him skin to skin.

My heart convulsed with a virtuous ache. The goodness and sincerity of what I felt for him became as clear as my passion. I knew I could not doubt or hesitate. Michael needed to know how utterly I craved him.
I lifted the condom slowly but with purpose. Her scent leapt to my nose, and I had to choke down my jealousy. This bit of latex had been wrapped around Michael’s cock. I soothed myself with that knowledge. I stretched it out and stroked its length, as my cunt wept with desire. In the reservoir at the tip of the condom, I saw my prize, a milky pearl of pure Michael.

When I was ready, I raised the condom to my lips. With my tongue, I parted the rubber ring at the base and delved inside, feasting on stale salt and musk that gave me precious hints of how they would have been when fresh. A sob rose from my throat. I wanted him all to myself.

Soon, the condom sheathed my tongue. I coaxed it with my fingers to I could reach ever deeper inside, needing to taste that pearl. Finally, the point of my tongue made contact with Michael’s come. Before I could control myself, I recoiled at the bitter, thick, room-temperature substance I encountered. Then I reminded myself what it was, and the purity of my love turned the flavor into something sweet. The dried residue revived when it joined with my saliva, melting over my tongue as if it had spurted from his cock just moments before.

I closed my eyes and groaned my ecstasy. Imagining he could see me, I dropped to my knees beside the bed. If his cock were in my mouth, he would want me there on the floor like that.

Growing bolder, I turned the condom inside out into my mouth, slurping and sucking. If not for the other woman, I would have put one of the condoms inside my cunt. Instead, I contented myself with slipping my hand into the waistband of my skirt and down inside my panties. Too impatient to bother with finesse, I forced a thick mass of fingers into the entrance of my cunt, the material and the awkward angle preventing me from getting as deep as I would have liked, but the blunt stimulation doing the job nonetheless.

I frigged myself, grunting harshly around my precious mouthful. As my orgasm neared, I cared less and less about whoever he’d fucked. I just needed more of him. My teeth ground into the little wad of latex in my mouth, but I wanted more.

Frantic with impending pleasure, I scrabbled for the wastebasket with my free hand. In the other room, the dog’s trimmed claws tapped against the wooden floor, probably in response to the way I was crashing around the bedroom. I paid no mind to anything but my prizes. Two other condoms, filled with Michael. He’d tied these at the base. I popped them into my mouth, wincing at the sour taste of the other woman.

Somehow, I had to make him want only me. My cunt spread wider at the thought, admitting a little more of my hand. I bit down into the condoms and they burst inside my mouth, releasing a gush of Michael.

I swallowed for him, the liquid heating inside me as it traveled down my throat and into my stomach. With the palm of my hand, I cupped my belly, treasuring it for holding him.

Then I redoubled my efforts, fucking myself so hard I collapsed to the floor face-first, panting. When the orgasm came, it almost hurt. Pleasure stabbed my brain like a migraine. I lay dazed, chewing latex. Now that my need had been sated, I could taste spermicide, too, and bitter clarity filled me.

The parts of Michael that I’d just swallowed had lain inert for days, like every other bit of him I’d managed to claim. It didn’t matter how intimately I knew his home and his life. It didn’t matter that he trusted me to care for his dog. The truth was, he’d given much more to that other woman. He’d given his vibrant, living self. He’d given her the heat of his hand, his breath in her ear, his hot come surging straight from his balls.

I had to have that, too. I’d thought I could be content with what I was getting, but because of her I now knew that wasn’t enough. Somehow, I had to find a way to let Michael know I needed more.


If you're into this, the story was published in Made for Hire, which is for sale here.


  1. God, Annabeth! You're incredibly brave to have written and published this. You have managed to use the squick factor to intensity the emotional impact of this scene. It's so extreme it's stunning, but also (in my opinion) devastatingly erotic.

    Have you read "Underground", which I posted to Storytime last week? It is perhaps not as filthy/extreme/intense/gross as your story sounds, but it has generated some similar reactions of discomfort. Pretty much every single crit has begun "This is definitely not my kink..."

    You should be proud of this story. Shame should be for cowards who can't stomach the full depth and breadth of the erotic impulse.

    1. Lisabet, it means a lot that you feel this way about the story. Thanks for that.

      I haven't read Underground, sadly. I'll confess I've never figured out how to navigate that part of ERWA. But point me to it, if you please. I'd love to read it!

  2. Yeow! I was looking forward to your post on this topic, Annabeth. And this did not disappoint. I've seen pornos where the woman drains the condom after the act. Hot stuff, but I am a perv. Yummy stuff.

    IMO the eroticism derives from the fact that the MC is taken over by uncontrollable passion, taking things much farther than the limits of an objective mind. Something deep down we all wish we could accomplish-- without reserve. Sky's the limit.

    1. Aww thank you, Daddy X. I haven't seen this in a porno myself--glad I'm not the only perv to have thought of it. ;)

      And yes, uncontrollable passion is exactly right. I'm fascinated by the way things that seem so compelling in the heat of the moment can seem gross by the light of day.

    2. The film I'm thinking about was made up of several different... ahem... vignettes, women sucking on the end of the condom after the guy comes being a common theme. One I remember-- after a girl drained his rubber, the guy stretched the condom out, enclosing her feet, kinda using it a as restraint. More fun ensues. Yum. Wish I could remember the title. but titles are not what one remembers in such a film, is it?

    3. Oh wow, the restraint move sounds pretty impressive! This is all very creative.

      But I know how it is with porn titles. The images I remember are not well correlated to whatever the movie was called. (Like, was that fisting + electricity scene I loved from "Electrosluts" 8? 27? Who knows???)

  3. I like kinks that go way beyond the ordinary, as long as they're not overly harmful to anyone. Maybe even if they are. This one was handled beautifully. The only part that I found squicky was that the semen was stale, not fresh, which added to the intensity of the kink, but triggered my all-too-mundane instincts as the one responsible for making sure food old enough to be harmful if eaten gets thrown out before anyone eats it. What can I say, I'm a grandmother. Hmm, I know they can freeze semen and have it be viable later, but has anyone tried drying it into a powder? Could be sprinkled on food as additional protein. Maybe in those packets of freeze dried food the army uses. Story potential...

  4. This is crazy, I love this scene! It's funny and disgusting, original and poignant. I think it's great

  5. It's the kind of scene Nicholson Baker could have written. It sings.

    1. Yeah- Nicholson Baker- Now, THERE'S a wordsmith. He made it before EL James did. (admittedly not as big) But he's twice the writer she is.

  6. I thought of Nicholson Baker too—not only before reading the comments, but when I'd only glanced at the first paragraph of the excerpt. Oh yeah, I thought (I think in italics, like characters in fiction), I bet she's going to lay this out with that painstaking, compulsive protagonist psychology that makes the reader really believe [reverse italics when I'm emphasizing something within a thought] and accept the character's fixation, along the lines of Nicholson Baker. And, of course, you did! Brava!

    1. You would. (Think in italics, I mean...!)

      I've never read Nicholson Baker, but obviously I should.


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