Monday, June 19, 2017

Generational Rift (#communication #morals #flashfiction)

By Lisabet Sarai 

(In homage to Daddy X - exactly 200 words)

Oh God, Mom. Is that really you in that corset? In public?”

What? I think I made a rather fetching Magenta. Those midnight shows—well, they were wild.”

But everyone can see your boobs! It’s so embarrassing.”

Come on, I was only a few years older than you are now, Jen.”

Still... Will you close the album, please?”

Rocky Horror was a major influence on me. ‘Don’t dream it, be it’. That was my anthem. Back then, I was ready for any erotic adventure.”

TMI, Mom!”

You don’t want to hear about how I seduced my best friend Lisa?”

God, no!”

Or the blowjob I gave my grad school boyfriend on the Greyhound bus?”

Enough, Mom!”

Or the threesome your dad and I had at the swingers club, before we were married? The orgies, later?”

Please! Stop before I throw up!”

I don’t know why you’re so upset. You know I wasn’t a virgin when I met your father, that I’ve always been a very sexual person.”

Yeah, I know. But the thought of all those other people around...”

Ding! “’Scuse me, Mom. Text from Jerry. Oh, my...!”

What? What is it, hon?”

No, don’t...”

My God, Jen! Is that you?”


  1. Hah! Good one, Lisabet! And thanx for the mention. (blushing)

    1. I've learned a lot about writing flashers from editing yours!

  2. The parent-child relationship is vastly more complicated than other interactions between people of different generations. I can't say for sure, but I suspect that even people into the MILF sort of kink are squeaked out by the thought of their own parents having sex. I dunno--is there a FILF kink, or is the older man/ younger (trophy) girl thing so prevalent throughout history that it just seems natural?

    1. Definitely. And parents are freaked out by their kids' sex lives, no matter how liberated they might have been themselves.

      Maybe there's something genetic about this, a sort of hard-wired barrier to incest. Or perhaps it's the cultural prohibition of incest that makes thinking about children and sex (or parents and sex) uncomfortable.

    2. Sacchi, there is indeed a complimentary kink to the MILF thing. If you want to see it, search DILF. Gender equality FTW!

  3. I've always been open with my kids about my own life, and what I was like before I met their daddy. He prefers to forget what I've shared with him, and so do the boys. But my daughter teases me, since when I used to tell her stories she'd say things like, "OMG, Mom, you were such a slut!" I'd shake my head at her, "Show some respect. That's Mrs. Slut to you, young lady!"

    Husband is embarrassed thinking about his parents or mine having sex, and doesn't even want to think about what our kids do. None of it bothers me, since I think once you acknowledge that we're all adults who respect each other, why should you be off-put by something that's so totally normal, for an adult to enjoy?

    Perhaps that's why I write erotic romance, and he didn't even want to read my 2nd Minnesota Romance, the one you reviewed, Lisabet, Only One Man Will Do. He told me it had "too much sex." Remembering what we had been like when we first got together, I laughed at the sheer hypocrisy of his words!

    He tells me I'm not normal...he is. I guess he's probably right. But if being normal means sex has to be so shameful, I'm proud to be abnormal!

    1. I for one am really glad you're not "normal", Fiona! xxoo

    2. Thanks, Lisabet. I'm so glad I found this site...through Garce, who regularly sends out invites to read his posts. I don't tell my husband what I'm posting here, though.
      He would be appalled at what I share with you all! ;-D

  4. Great story, Lisabet! I'm always amazed by how many people play out some version of this drama without seeming to recognize what they're doing in the process...

    1. Yes, we're always blind to our own prejudices!


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