Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Dirty Laundry, Filthy Books, #Taboo #Erotica by @GiselleRenarde

I've been spending a lot of time in my building's laundry room lately. It's recently renovated, bright and shiny, bustling with activity and, best of all, humming day and night.

Depression and anxiety have been keeping me locked up a lot, lately. That's why I'm making a concerted effort to get out of my apartment, even if I'm not quite leaving my building. I've been using the gym, the pool, and the lovely laundry room. I find the hum of those washers and dryers incredibly soothing. Highly recommended! Be the creep who hangs out in laundromats!

Anyway, people leave books in my laundry room, for other tenants to read. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this little beauty:
(like my pink pyjamas?)
I haven't started reading it yet, but a friend was over the other day. When he spotted it on my table, I told him the one most salient point I'm aware of with regard to Anais Nin: that she had an affair with her father. A few years ago, there was a play staged about their relationship. Or was it an opera? I didn't see it, but the fact stood out in my mind.

It led me to write my story "Two Complete Strangers," which is incest erotica about a father and daughter meeting as adults... and fucking like bunnies. ("Fucking like bunnies" sounds so much cuter than "fucking like father and daughter," doesn't it?)

I always really liked that story, and you can read it in a collection called Forbidden Family Erotica:


Remember Smut Smackdown? Lexi Wood challenged me to write the dirtiest incest sex story possible. Or I challenged her. I don't really remember. Anyway, we wrote three stories each and asked readers to vote on whose stories were filthier.

I don't remember who won. Probably Lexi. Taboo smut is her bread and butter. That said, my stories were pretty damn good. The one that stands out, in my mind, is "Two Complete Strangers." There's a bicycle trip in there too. And some public sex. Because if you're going to have sex en plein air, it might as well be with a blood relative.

Anyhoozle, all six Smut Smackdown stories are now available in one collection.

Because of a recent crackdown, you won't find this book for sale at many retailers.  You may or may not be aware that Barnes and Noble, a bookseller that used to sell every kind of erotica you can imagine, has cleaned up shop. They used to sell incest smut. Now they don't. So you won't find this there. Or at Amazon. Or pretty much anywhere else you might shop.

You can buy Forbidden Family Erotica from Smashwords and eXcessica Eden. And I hope you will!

Forbidden Family Erotica
Six Shocking Sex Stories
Taboo Erotica by Giselle Renarde and Lexi Wood

Daddies and daughters, brothers and sisters, twins, cousins and more! Nobody’s off-limits in this taboo collection of illicit incest erotica. Six sexy stories certain to satisfy!

In this collection you’ll find the following family erotica: Talk Dirty to me, Daddy!, Spying on the Twins, Daddy’s Wet Little Virgin, Two Complete Strangers, The Family Bed, and Taken by Vicky’s Daddy… and Mine!

Buy Now from Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/750860?ref=GiselleRenardeErotica

Or Buy from the Publisher, eXcessica Eden: http://www.excessica.com/eden/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=30&products_id=333&zenid=d9c78c23088f2f2e029055042e1a5940


  1. So this is three pairs of tales, one each by Lexi and you? Delicious!

    I remember reading "Two Complete Strangers". Pretty literary for smut!

  2. Cool! You and Lexi are quite a pair. Have you considered writing a hot lesbian scene starring Giselle and Lexi? Of course, she wouldn't have to look like you unless she is your identical twin. :)

    1. Sex with a sock puppet? Now that sounds filthy!

      Of course, knowing Lexi, she's be the one who started the whole thing.


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