Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bionic Dildos Spontaneously Masticate...??

BDSM. Hmm. Brother, daddy, sister, mother. Nope, that's not right. Oh! Blatant Devotion for Single Mothers. Um, no, not that either, although they certainly deserve high praise. Blissful Dream-State, Mmmm. Oh wait, that was last night. How about Bio Degradable Slut Monkey?

Sigh. You see this is a tough topic for me. I haven't the foggiest clue about this subject except the initials. I did however, get some tutelage from Anny the other night by way of web searches. Wow, doggies! The things that are out there. Including the highlight of my evening, a puff the magic dragon tattoo on completely covering a man's hoo hoo. Never seen anything like it but I would certainly run the other direction if that thing reared its, um, head at me. Can you imagine being the tattoo artist? Yikes.

But he did have a piercing. I've now been introduced to nipple rings, nipple ornamentation that doesn't require piercing, chains, weights, tuning forks for the urethra (no, I'm NOT kidding), and manacles of all kinds. I've boiled it down to this: It's not my business what you do. Have fun.

I'm not one for spanking, whipping, or any kind of begging. No, just give it to me. But there are so many levels of the whole BDSM thing that it seems to encompass the very light titillating tease to the very bold pain/pleasure response. Then the masters and submissives... I don't know. It throws me out of whack, I guess.

However, if you're looking for a great author who has this and romance too, check out Brynn Paulin's work.

I'm sorry I don't have more to say on the subject, but this gives you time to head over to my other blog here, and put a comment in for your chance to win a free download. I'm only running the contest today, so head over there before time runs out!


  1. Blissful Dream State, Mmmmmm? Well, I expect for some of the practitioners it is.

  2. LOL! I guess so. We each have our own ideas of enticement don't we?

  3. lol, indeed we do. To each their own, but even though I love tattoos (and have a few), I can't imagine getting my junk inked. OUUUCH! :D

    I'm a bit relieved to see I'm not the only one on the loop who will have to research BDSM this week. :D

  4. Well friends, I never knew diddly about BDSM either, but for the last few weeks i have been taking an online writer's workshop on BDSM given by a male erotic romance author who also lives the Lifestyle. His Domme is also involved and has given several lessons. Let me tell you, it is fascinating stuff and much deeper than the stereotype. I've been incorporating what I've learned into a few scenes, hopefully I've managed to make it authentic.

  5. RENEE! You really oughta be a guest blogger one Saturday to discuss all this. What do you say? Send me an email off blog and we can set something up. PS if it's over a time when you are releasing, you can include a blurb and excerpt too.


  6. Hey folks, do you remember the blog week about SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE VS INSURANCE COMPANIES??

    There is a followup on Molly's blog today with some great inside information.

  7. Saw those pictures of Puff, Kelly. Ewwwwww. I mean, I like dragons, but no, not for me.

  8. I've read a couple of BDSM books, and love Brynn's, but in some others, the action goes too far, IMHO. It's hard to enjoy a book when you're feeling the heroine's physical pain from unwanted piercings, beatings, etc. When you read Brynn's, you FEEL the uncertainty and ultimate trust.

  9. I read one Ellora's Cave book that was rated X-treme (just to see how extreme it was), and I have to say, I was aghast. It went beyond BDSM to unwilling sexual slavery. Very little was consensual. Much was violent and dehumanizing. And the ending was beyond belief, essentially condoning the very illegal behavior of most of the book's characters.

    If anyone here is inclined toward the fantasy genre (as in alternate universes, magic, etc.) and want a gentler introduction to BDSM, I suggest Jacqueline Carey's books, starting with Kushiel's Dart. The setting is loosely based on Europe, and the heroine is a prostitute (official, sanctioned, legal, and more than willing) who enjoys pain as part of sex. The plot is complex (she uses her job for political purposes), the sex scenes just explicit enough, but not cringe-inducing for anyone used to explicit romance. It's still not a lifestyle I would choose, but through her eyes, it's less befuddling.

  10. I've heard very positive things about Kushiel's Dart and the books that follow. If it's a matter of trust and handled delicately that's one thing, but most of this stuff just disturbs the hell outta me.

  11. LOL! I see you have some brilliant full forms here!

    Well I am with you. all this is not my forte either :D. Like I said to anny, the only piercing I like is the one in already open holes! ;D