Monday, May 22, 2017

Absolute Filth (#purgatory #dirtystory #flashfiction)

Hell and demon

By Lisabet Sarai

Better shovel faster, Sister. Lucifer’s stallions will return any minute.”

Sister Mary Alexander surveyed the manure still clogging the stables. Minions had removed twenty wheelbarrows, without making a dent in the horseshit surrounding her.

A lock of hair escaped from her wimple. She couldn’t do anything. They allowed her neither gloves nor boots. Filth smeared her hands. Stinking brown excrement stained her white habit. Muck saturated her hem. The horrid stuff leaked into her sensible shoes.

Cleanliness is next to godliness,” she’d scold, examining students’ grimy fingernails before applying her ruler to their palms with righteous glee. How many mouths had she washed out with soap?

Her back ached, though they’d returned the lithe body of her youth. She paused to rest. So futile!

You know how to make it stop.” Aside from the horns and tail, the demon reminded her of that cheeky senior Mick O’Riley. Always undressing her with his pale eyes.

I won’t break my vows.”

You’re in hell already, sweetcakes.” He cocked a pointed ear. “Hoof beats!”

Oh, no!” Tears gathered. “Again!”

On your hands and knees, Sister.” Flipping her habit, he spread her butt cheeks.

Not—there! Please...”

Has to be really dirty for you, baby!”


  1. Whoa! A whole new meaning to 'Funky Sister' :>) Shades of Ekaterina the Great.

    1. Inspired by the discussion last week about a special dimension for evil nuns...!

  2. Wow, that goes a lot of dark places in a brief space. Well done, in the sense that it's very successful in being deeply uncomfortable. I definitely see the connection to some of last week's conversations!

    1. Hmm. I was trying more for humor than discomfort!

    2. Although the Sister's predicament is definitely uncomfortable.

  3. Definitely dirty on several levels!

  4. It could be even worse. Horse manure is nowhere near as putrid as human excrement. Maybe because they're vegetarians, but no, I don't have any desire to experiment with vegetarian humans.

    1. That had occurred to me, but I felt that horse manure was dirty enough for my purposes.

      Originally I thought about doing a flasher based on the time when my husband and I rebuilt the deck that hung over the river in the back of our house. The old stoop there was so rotten it just fell apart in your hands. The wood was teeming with worms and bugs... ugh! We got incredibly filthy. I couldn't figure out an erotic twist to this, though!