Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wonder Woman

Fascinating discussion. No really. It's interesting to me that women will flock to 300 or watch Conan the Barbarian (no not the late night host!) and be perfectly content with tights and skimpy costumes. Put a hot outfit on a smart, crime solving, aggressive, empowered woman like Linda Carter and all hell breaks loose. Just for the record, this was all happening at the time that you had two bumbling fool males acting as shills for Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie! Given the time period and context i would have much rather had Wonder Woman representing me as a woman than Darren representing me as a man (no dagwood jokes please - maybe i am just bitter because of the namesake!) 

On a side note, Wonder Woman did provide me with a great pick up line several years ago when i went up to a girl in Starbucks and said, "Has anyone ever told you you look like Wonder Woman?" Turns out she gets that a lot and responded "You mean Linda Carter?" Not being as familiar with the name of the actress who played my childhood fantasy i proceeded to argue, "No, i don't think that was her name". At any rate, from that encounter we forged a wonderful and crazy making relationship that my brother described at one point as being Shakespearean. Fresh out of a divorce it was a true school of hard knocks and good, bad, or indifferent... we did become very dear friends. In a sappier moment i even wrote her a poem.

Who knew when I hung that poster on the wall
That the teenage boys infatuation with the eyes of wonder
Would submerge itself, buried deep beneath the struggle
Only to resurface one day in an irregular coffee shop
Providing an opening line which would lead me to you

I included a picture from happier times so you can judge for yourself any resemblance.


  1. Okay Double D (heh. Dr. Daren get it? It's pun on WW's cup size. Had to be there.) you might have a point there. I hated Daren et al on Bewitched. And yes, I'd rather have WonderWoman as a representative of my sex than Daren Stevens. But I do have to "wonder" at the guy who chooses his dates based on resemblance. If she didn't look like WW, would you have asked her out? It the hard questions, DD.

  2. Yep, you do have a point. We also had Daisy Duke and the Duke boys... Hmmmm. I think I see a theme here. Aside from the clothes, I think Daisy had it all over those Duke boys.

    The lady is lovely.

  3. Hmmm. I DO see a resemblance. Very pretty. Funny, I never thought of the ways in which tv execs of the day tried to be PC before PC was even a popular term. They tried so hard to empower women they emasculated the men. I remember once watching tv with my teen-aged son who commented that he hated watching commercials during the day because all the men came off as dumb-asses. He had a point. Advertisers played off the notion that WOMEN were their target, hence it was important to make women appear least in their choices of dishwashing soap.

    Great post. Thought provoking,too.


  4. Yes, Darren Stevens was a dweeb. And I fully refuse to give up my Remington Steele or Magnum PI fantasies. Truth of it is that fictional characters ARE fictional, and there's not much point in getting bent about them, is there. Thanks for chiming in with the male POV, Daren!

  5. I find it interesting that first the men were all-knowing; then the men were clueless and women knew everything. Nowadays, it's the KIDS who have all the answers and the parents are bumbling idiots. And...people want to know what's wrong with our youth today? I'm scratching my head....

    Hi Daren! Good to see you and what you have to say:)

  6. Yes, good question Kelly - would you have asked her out if she looked like Roseanne?

  7. No i probably would not have asked her out if she looked like Roseanne because in part, Roseanne annoys the hell out of me. (btw, Hi Molly) Attraction is a funny thing now isn't it. We ALL have things we find attractive and conversely, unattractive. Hopefully, at the end of the day we are more interested in the inside of a person. I have been out with some gorgeous girls that i couldn't wait to get away from and some not so gorgeous girls that i thoroughly enjoyed their company.

  8. Ahhh, but Daren, how many TIMES did you go out with the thoroughly enjoyable ones? Just once? Growing up, all my friends were guys cause I hated the teenage cattiness of the female masses. But annoyingly enough, that made me one of them. It was not unusual for a guy friend to ask me what I thought of so and sos butt or something. GACK!!! Then again, I dated all of my buds too. We knew each other well enough that it was beyond looks (and okay, some of my guy friends were smokin' hot).

    But I hated being the girl who was cute but not sexy. The girl next door who made them laugh and who's home was the hang out but not taken seriously enough to get serious with. I was no wonder woman look alike.


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