Thursday, April 23, 2009

Classic Leather Techology

By Kim Dare.

I have to admit that sexual technology isn't one of the things that rocks my boat. Well, not current technology anyway.

If I'm looking for a toy, I'm drawn to something that's more likely to be constructed by a blacksmith than a computer expert. Or perhaps something that could only be fashioned by a very talented leather worker.

Toys need to have an emotional impact if I'm going to consider them worth while. They need to enhance the connection that exists between the humans involved in the scene.

Computer chips might not rock my boat, so I thought I would share with you a few things that were the hight of modern technology once upon a time.

Fast forward to the present day and they're not so much a modern innovation as classic.

Take this collar for instance.

A bit of metal, a bit of leather, a touch of craftsmanship and not a bit of electrical wire in sight. And, for me at least, it's pretty perfect.

I have no objection to technology in every day life. I'd be lost without my laptop. If I had to go back to pen and paper, I'd cry - not least because I'm dyslexic and I can't spell unless I'm working on a keyboard.

But when it comes to sex, in real life or the stories I write, I'm quickly bored with overly complicated gagets.

I don't mind the occasional addition of a vibrating whatever. (I'm back to talking about my characters in my books here. My private life I'll keep at least a little bit private!)

When my character play, they rarely have to plug anything in.

I've been thinking about what toys each character should play with.

Eric in Turquoise and Leather is inevitably going to spend a lot of time wearing a gag similar to the one above in the future. George is a traditionalist at heart. He'd agree with my ideas of what should consitute sexual technology. It's probably also the only way he's going to get any peace and quiet with Eric around.

The cage on the left?

It hasn't made it into one of my books yet, but I found it while I was surfing around looking for pics for this post. (Sometimes a writers life is hard, lol!) I'm keeping it on file for a future book.

Can you imagine spending some time in that cage? Maybe in the middle of a busy club? Your master has people he needs to speak to. He needs somewhere safe to leave you for a little while.

Maybe I'm weird, but when I see a cage I don't think restraint. I don't think prisioner.

For me a cage represents protection. It means a master's care. It looks like safety.

This one on the right is more about making the heart race than providing quiet comfort.

Suspended in mid air. Completely out of control. Entirely available. Totally dependant upon the person who put you in there. Yep - we're back to the emotional connection again.

It's what a master means when he puts you in there is the thing.

It's what the submissive feels when they are in the restraint. Pretty toys aren't as important as the love and care they represent.

I found this pic below while I was surfing around to.

I love this cushion. (There's a heart shaped one as well - very lovely but a bit too soppy for my tastes.)

Okay, it looks nice. Leather. Metal. All good so far.

But you know what means more than that?

Look at how it's intended to be used.

Leather wrapped around wrist and ankles.

Restraint - safety.

But there's been a bit of extra thought put into this.

Bondage isn't always intended to be comfortable. Sometimes it's uncomfortable for a purpose. That's fine if it's what everyone involved wants. The lady on the right looks happy on a hard floor.

But I get really annoyed by the idea that submissives aren't ever worthy of better. I get wound up by people who think that submission should always be about punishment.

There's room for care and love. There's room in the kinky world for restraints attached to thick comfortable cushions.

Imagine an empty room. Imagine that cushion in the middle of that room and a submissive sitting on it while they wait for their master to return. Or perhaps the cushion is set next to a desk where a master can work knowing that his pet is sitting safely at his feet until he's done.

I quite taken with this slope too.

It's more about play and display than the simple square. It makes a very nice compliment to it.

I wonder if they do a discount if you buy both together?

A perfect matched set. A fine addition to any home.

That's my sort of interior decorating.

Which brings me to another thing I like.

Leather based technologies that fit discreetly and naturally into every day life.

Kinky toys that are also very nice, bery functional pieces of furniture.

Do you like the pretty red circles the metal worker has decorated the bed frame with?

The red coating is leather.

The holes are the right size for a neck, or a pair or ankles, or a pair of wrists. (Not all at the same time unless you're very flexible!)

A bed. A set of stocks.

A place to play. A place to submit. A place to curl up with your lover and fall asleep in their arms.

Which brings me back full circle again. The person you're with. Your submissive, your master, your lover.

All the leather in the world can't replace that connection.

And that's really saying something, coming from a writer who really likes their leather technologies!

Kim Dare.
Kink, love and a happy ending. Do you Dare?


  1. Hey, Kim,

    I like the twist you've given this topic. You probably know by now how much I agree with you.

    Where'd you find the great pics, though! I particularly like the cushions with shackles attached.


  2. Oh, the research we're forced to do for our craft. Anyone doing a history on my search engine would probably get a surprise!

    Nice pictures and good, accurate post, Kim!

    Take care,


  3. Hi guys.

    Damn, I thought I'd put links behind the pics. Will have to go back and have another go at them. In the meantime, the cushions are from a UK Female dominant / Queening site. Here's the link -

    Thanks for commenting, guys :)

    Kim Dare

  4. Oh, I so want to play with some of this stuff. Money and volunteers needed folks.

    Great post Kim and as Jamie said, the research must have taken you hours and hours. (snicker)


  5. Wow you ladies. I can't even imagine what it would be like having a partner who would be so adventurous.

    You must have some wild nights. Bless your heart.


  6. Jude - it's amazing how quickly time disappears when I start that sort of research, lol. Time flies and all that :)

    Garce - Being open to new experiences definitly makes life exciting :)

    Thanks for commenting, guys,

    Kim Dare.


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