Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Then and Now!

by Jude Mason

Masturbation has been around ever since people. And finding things to masturbate with, must be as old. I thought I'd do a little research and see what kinds of 'toys' I could find. We'll skip past the obvious broom handles for the women and cloth filled doodads for the men and get to the invention of real gizmos for sexual pleasuring ourselves.

The earliest I could find, reminds me a little bit of a kitchen gadget my mother used for beating eggs and light batters. A Google search led me to http://www.vibratormuseum.com/ where I found this device called, MACAURA'S PULSOCON HAND VIBRATOR The action is a plunging motion of the center disk at the end combined with a rotating eccentric weight. There
were also applicators that would screw into the center disk. Marked Pat. applied for, Serial No. 6681. Could be from as early as the early 1880's or as late as about 1900.

Now, this would be in the time of my grandmother and also a time where information of sexual or procreational bent was taboo. Hell, your doctor wasn't even permitted to tell you how you got pregnant. It makes you wonder how they got away with this.

Another website http://www.slate.com/ had some pretty darned amazing things I'd like to share wit
h you.

Also i
n the 1880s, a British doctor stepped in to invent the first electric vibrator, an industrial-size contraption meant to be a permanent fixture in a doctor's office. It was a major labor-saver, allowing many patients to reach paroxysm in less than 10 minutes.

Oh my Gawd, can you imagine going to the local quack and asking for a treatment?

Between 1900 a
nd 1940, there was an explosion of new toys being patented. Some resembled today's electric drills and it bears the question, which came first. LOL

From the 1950s through the 1970s, the vibrator became what you maight call a camouflaged technology. Mail-order catalogs full of household tchotchkes featured beautiful women with long, silky hair loosening their tight shoulder muscles with banana-shaped vibrators. Also popular were vibrators that doubled as nail-buffer kits, hair brushes, backscratchers, and some that were designed as attachments for vacuum cleaners. Most of them were cheesy, battery-operated devices that came in shag-carpet hues: avocado, gold, and burnt orange. Yum!

It really wasn't until the 1980's and 90's that vibrators, or self-pleasuring devices, got into mainstream and were thought of as an okay alternative to sex.The arrival of AIDS and it's public health threat had politicians and doctors alike, jumping on the bandwagon.

Now, in 2005 progress was definitely showing itself. On June 1, 2005, sex writer Violet Blue, while in San Fransisco, induced two orgasms in her partner, who was riding a custom-vibrator known as a Thrillhammer at the Museum of Sex in New York City.

Now there's a museum I want to visit. I wonder if they have samples? I wonder if they need volunteers or testers? The mind boggles.

This is a very brief history of an amazing side of human sexuality. A side that has been hidden, exploited, abused and relished over the centuries. What will the future bring? I've heard tales of a device that connects directly with a person's mind. No need for gadgets and probes, you'll writhe and gasp in orgasm without being touched, and it'll be better than any human induced orgasm you've ever had, or ever will have. But, will it be as fulfilling? Will we, humanity, seek it out, pay the exorbitant price for a moment's pleasure?

Who knows. What do you all think?


  1. Hi, Jude,

    I've visited the Museum of Sex and recommend it highly. However, it was not as salacious as you might expect.

    Great post. I wasn't thinking about obsolete technology, but you've got it covered!


  2. I remember reading that when that doctor invented the first electronic vibrator it was because he believed the most effective way to cure "female hysteria" was to relieve chronic frustration.

    Before he went electrical he was apparently quite exhausted, poor man...

    Great post.

    Kim Dare.

  3. *blink* Open up my computer first thing this morning and OMG. Leave it to Jude!

    Did you have fun doing this research? hee hee hee

    You're so naughty. But you knew that.



  4. That is one of the best articles I have read in a long time lol. Man, that 1940's thing must have been hard lugging around.

  5. Jude you deliciously naughty girl! You should link this one to a "Fleshlight" ad, just to be fair of course.


    Randall Lang

  6. You are amazing Jude. The direct input orgasm might be great, but don't try it while driving,although at dinner it might make When Harry Met Sally look tame. I could just see someone thinking it was time for the Heimlich maneuver.


  7. Fanning myself over here. Um, thanks for doing the research. That was fun!

  8. Great blog, Jude! Totally fascinating. Thanks for including all the links. Never thought such a museum existed.

  9. Hey Jude!

    I must admit, that had one of the best opening lines I've read since "100 Years of Solitude".

    In the Victorian era, as someone here commented, women were afflicted with "female hysteria" and doctors were expected to relieve this using a well lubricated finger, and later elaborate devices. Anyone who can't get a story idea from that isn't trying hard enough.


  10. It's interesting how dildos have changed and how the perception has also changed. May is masturbation month so make sure to get an orgasm or two that way or mutually with your partner.

  11. @Garce - Thomas Roche did a story on it in Like A Wisp of Steam from Circlet Press. Wonderful story. (the rest of the anthology is very good)

    @all I'd suggest visiting the Erotic Museum in Venice too. They give you a glass f wine as soon as you come in the door. I love the signs over some of the sculptures that said, "Please touch!"


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