Monday, August 31, 2009

Dream on...or not

By Jenna Byrnes

I don't remember my dreams. I have plenty of them. Thanks to my bestest nighttime buddy Ambien, I have tons of vivid and busy dreams every night. I just don't remember them when I wake up. I might recall a certain person being there, or a tidbit of what the dream was about, but unlike Lisabet, my dreams don't tell stories or write books or poems.

Maybe I had better dreams before the Ambien, but who cares? I love that I sleep through the night now, and only once--once--have I gotten up and done something I didn't remember doing the next day. (This is a common side effect of Ambien, and concerning to people who don't have a light-sleeping husband lying next to them.) Some people *cough* Jude *cough* prefer to live more naturally and would rather not take pills if they don't have to. I think that's great. But for me? I say, you got something legal that will make me feel better/ look better/ sleep better, bring it on, baby!

Sleeping without Ambien is a tossing and turning nightmare. So I simply pop one tiny white pill each night and snooze comfortably until my alarm goes off the next morning. I sleep so well, in fact, that when I'm asked to answer questions about how I sleep I always say "Great!" and then have to remember to add, "With Ambien, that is." LOL

Back to the issue of dreams. Trying to remember my pre-Ambien days, I still don't think I ever used anything from one of my dreams in my writing. Dreams are freaking weird. Daydreams are so much more fun!

Daily campground admission: $8

Large outdoor blanket: $95

Pitching a tent in your sleep for everyone to see... Priceless.


  1. Jenna,

    Great post. And I couldn't agree more. Sleep is probably the second most important thing a person can do in a bedroom :-)



  2. Hey, Jenna,

    I'm grateful to be able to sleep. And I'm glad that you've found a way to do so, without unhappy side effects.

    Where in the world did that photo come from, though?!


  3. Thanks Ash and Lisabet. I decided to give everyone a break from my 'LOL cat' routine and googled 'funny dream pictures'.

    Who knew what was out there? LMAO!

    Have a great day,


  4. You had drugs and didn't share?

    I'm hurt!

    I'm flabbergasted!

    Okay, maybe not flabbergasted but I like the word.

    I love the picture. LOL Oh to be a mindreader!

    Awesome post, Jenna.



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