Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear lover ...

Whew what a day. Betcha thought I would never get around to posting. With classes and then work, this is the first free moment I have had.

I've debated and toyed with the idea of exactly what I wanted to do for my post. There are so many different ways I could go with it.

I decided that I am going to share a short vignette that I wrote years ago. It's still a rough draft, in so many ways, so please overlook the errors.

* * *
Evolution Of A Thought
© Michelle Houston

With rain-dampened grass sticking to her jeans-clad ass, Brenda savored the brief glimpses of flashing light the falling stars offered. She tried to make a wish on each, but with thousands burning out with every second, she couldn't keep up. Not that it mattered.

She only had one wish to make. And as her eyes followed the path of fiery trail of meteor and gases as it plummeted to earth, she made the same wish over and over. "Please let Aaron return home safe and sound. Let this damn war be over soon, and our men come home safe."
With a soft sigh of appreciation at the beauty of the night, Brenda's green eyes caught another falling star in her gaze, and followed it, until she was no longer able to focus on it for the sheen of tears in her eyes.

Ever since the foggy morning almost a year earlier, when she had left Aaron at the gate of the air force base, she had hoped each night for his safe return. Each day, she worked to put the dangers he faced out of her mind and tried to focus on her work. But lying alone in bed at night, composing her daily letter to her lover, she couldn't help but worry.

She struggled to keep the tone of her letters light, focusing on how long she was going to keep him in bed when he finally came home. Teasing him with descriptions of the lingerie and the sexy clothes she had bought.

She wrote about her day, how much she loved him, and missed him. But never asked if he was scared. Never mentioned the war. Not a hint of worry entered her letters, even as they flooded her mind.

And he responded in kind, talking about the bad food, the guys in his unit, reminding her of the coming meteor showers, and not saying a word about the dehumanizing conditions they faced each day.

With a soft sign, she wiped her eyes, denying her fears the power to control her. She knew Aaron's unit had stopped a man from stoning his wife in the streets the day before, but as she picked up her pen to write about her day, she made no mention of the news broadcast. She rolled on her stomach and started her letter.

Dear Aaron,

The stars look so beautiful tonight. As I write this, I'm wishing that you're under them as well, gazing up at them, even as I know you're not. And we are together in that moment, despite the miles of land and ocean that separate us.

We both look at the stars, together. And when I head inside, and strip my damp clothes from my body, we will be together again. Your hands running over my flesh, while I cup your cock in my hands, caressing the velvety length.

It will be like no time has passed, as our bodies knowingly melt together, each touch instinctively pleasing. I still remember how you like me to lick your nipples, tugging them gently between my teeth, then swirling my tongue over the stinging bud.

I would do that to you tonight, and every night hereafter.

Just as your fingers would slowly tease their way down my body, delving into all of my secret places, as I do the same to you. And our bodies would know each other, despite having been apart.

Tonight, you'd move over me, your lean form covering my lush one. And I'll be hot for you, as always, my body wet and welcoming your firm one.

God Aaron, the way you make me feel. I tremble just thinking about your lips kissing slowly down my stomach and as you move to do just that, I can feel my inner-thighs growing slick.
And as you reach your destination, zeroing in on the target of my heated core, I can't help the heated moans that escape my lips. The sheets are so cool beneath my heated flesh I almost can't stand it. And as you move back up over me, your cock trailing along my thigh, your heat only adds to the inferno, trapping me within the maelstrom of your passion.

And I love it. I love you.

I love the way you gently slid into me, your lips pressed against mine, tongues dueling. After your tender exploration, you grow more demanding, claiming me in the ways of a warrior: hard, firm, demanding and all I have to give to you. And I love it.

I whisper your name softly as my nerves burst into flames, my core a burning inferno of need. I scream your name as I come, clenching you tight within me, holding you close, trying to pull you forever into my soul.

As you come, I can feel the warmth spreading within me. Soothing the raging fire of my need, and I am at peace in your arms.

I am loved.

And our souls are joined.

Baby, I love you. Come home safe Aaron.

Brenda wiped at the tears that again pooled in her eyes, and rolled onto her back. Unzipping her jeans, she slid a hand past the waistband of her panties, nudging her pussy lips apart. Slipping two cool fingers into her pussy, she thrust them deep.

Her pussy clenched at the invasion. Brenda slipped them free and thrust again, wringing a moan past her lips. Even as her body ached for her lover, it demanded instant satisfaction. Her other hand unbuttoned her damp shirt and caressed her bare breasts.

Her thoughts filled with Aaron, his touch, the feel of his body over hers, she worked a sensual spell over her flesh, teasing her breasts and pussy until with a soft gasp, she came.

Her body sated even as the worry returned to her mind. She lay there in the grass, tears flowing from her eyes she looked up, and caught a glimpse of the last shooting star streaking across the sky.

"Aaron, come home safe," she whispered.


  1. Wonderful, Michelle!

    I'm glad someone took up Helen's challenge to write an explicit love letter. Even if you pretend that it's from a character ;^)


  2. LOL Thanks hon. Hubby has never served. Bad eyesight and back held him back.

    I wrote this a few years back when we started increasing our number of troops overseas. I started thinking about those men and woman, cut off from their family, wondering each day what their families are doing, wondering if they are going to die. They are still in my thoughts ...

    I started imagining some of the letters some of the men must get, and what kind of letters they might wish for.

    As the title says ... it was the evolution of that train of thought.

  3. Michelle,

    A very hot post with a wonderful sense of intimacy accopmanying the erotic content.

    Loved it.



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