Friday, April 16, 2010

... Would it not read as sweet ...

It's rather odd, but I haven't ever really had a problem coming up with titles. It's just one of my quirks.

Take Diggin' Up Bones for example. I first heard Alisa talking to me, whispering that Zach Bradford was a part-time archeologist and full-time pain in the ass. That's all I had beyond knowing that the title would be Diggin' Up Bones.

Then there was the story I wrote as part of a multi-author anthology. I knew that I wanted to have the ability for a character to go back in time and re-do life the way it should have been. The title – The Life Not Lived.

I also knew before I started writing it that my first ever historical was going to be called Her Majesty's Maiden and feature Queen Elizabeth I of England and her lover. (This story will be coming out later in 2010 from Phaze)

When I wanted to write a bit of a different take on the vampire genre, I created a virus that blinded them, making the apex predators a little bit vulnerable. They were also highly kinky, and in to playing with humans. Blending the two together, they use humans as a seeing-eye-dog fill in. The title perfectly fits. Where the Blind Leads.

When I decided to do a sequel and publish the two stories together under one title, I played around with the concept again, and made a human male who was submissive become infected with the vampire virus. He was turning blind, and into a vampire. Yet he is still a sub. The title for the sequel is Leading The Blind. (They are published together as Blood Slave).

Really … I could go on and on …

Unfortunately, I do have problems coming up with stories to fit all of the titles I have come up with.

Such as …

Trouble or Nothing

Resurrecting Memories

Beyond the Dance

… and many more …

Because I tend to be fairly quirky about titles, I have been asked several times by friends for title suggestions.

Among these has been D Musgrave's:

Continuing Education

Sexual Healing
(for his series about a sexual surrogate psychiatrist)

Both of which you can find on Phaze


  1. Hi, Michelle, I know who to come to see when I'm having title problems.

    I'm sure that the stories for the orphan titles will reveal themselves eventually.


  2. Lisabet -- Indeed you do. : )

    Blurbs on the other hand, well, I struggle with them. So I might have to trade with you. I'll give you titles, you help me with blurbs. LOL

  3. Michelle,

    Cool titles. It's good to know that someone is favoured by the title fairy :-)



  4. Hi Michelle!

    I didn't know you wrote vampire novels. The idea of a virus is interesting.


  5. Ash -- Thanks. : ) I just wish I was favored by the blur fairy too. I have one I really need to write up and I am drawing a blnk. Complete blank slate.

    Kathleen -- Thanks! For the most part, I am very happy with the cover I have receieved.

    Garce -- Indeed I do. I dabble in just about anything that catchs my attention.

    Yeah, I love the virus concept. I needed something to make my ultra doms a little more vulnerable.


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