Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Couldn't Do It Without You

Things I am thankful for:

1. Husband. It's his birthday today. He spent the morning reading his present - "Yeadon Above The Rest: Yes, This Is Actually A Book About Leeds Bradford Airport". Soon we're going to have KFC, because that's his fave birthday meal. I love Husband.

2. Mum. When I discovered I was number one one the Resplendence Publishing chart over at Fictionwise, she took a picture of it with her camera phone and sent it to everyone. I love my Mum.

3. Friends. I wouldn't have made it through the last few weeks, writing wise, if it were not for my online pals. I have a meltdown, they put me in the freezer.

4. Home. This one's obvious, I feel. Otherwise, I'd just be in a ditch somewhere, bashing on a half broken typewriter.

5. Health. Okay, so my toe's falling off and my eyeball's rebelling. The rest is holding, *touch wood*.

6. Ability to write. Comes and goes, so it gets big thanks from me when it's actually there.

7. My editors. They are orsum. Without them, number six wouldn't matter. Thank you, editors, for believing in my work enough to work on it, and actually let the public see it.

8. Good TV shows. I couldn't live without sitcom breaks. Hooray for The Office!

9. Good books. Currently being revitalised by Let The Right One In.

10. Good movies. I need to cry a bit? Starman's there for me.

11. Chocolate. I have to be thankful for it. Soon, I'm going to turn into a giant chocolate bar. If I'm not nice about it now, what will happen when I have to integrate into the Cadbury community?

12. Armie Hammer. He has to be thanked, cos he's been actually responsible for about five of the stories I've recently had accepted for publication. No, really. His face inspires me to complete stories. For reals.

And that's all the things I'm thankful for!


  1. When you do turn into chocolate, bear in mind that nibbling on your neighbors is cannibalism. So you might as well become a chocolate zombie, because I'm convinced that chocolate brains taste like chocolate truffles.

  2. Oh Charlotte, I'm so thankful for your lovely, giggle-inducing humor. "...what will happen when I have to integrate into the Cadbury community?" Indeed! Ha!

  3. Charlotte, I'm also grateful that you're not living in a ditch, bashing away on a broken typewriter! I look forward to your posts from the Cadbury Community. :)

  4. Charlotte,

    Not only do I applaud your list - I applaud the order. Because I have to agree, "Husband" makes it all worthwhile.

    Hope you whip your toe and your eyeball back into shape.


  5. Kathleen - your logic is impeccable!

    Kristina - hooray! You're the first person to tell me they're thankful for something about me! I'm thankful for you, cos you're orsum.

    Jean - now both of us have said it, hopefully we've vaccinated me against it ever happening.

    Lisabet - it has to be that order, always. He is my one in particular.


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