Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Giant Sabre-Toothed Manhunks

Many apologies, Grippers and Gripper readers! I'm on the road to writing a contracted 45k in 25 days, and I'm having kittens. Not even kittens, really. Massive gigantic adult lions. I'm giving birth to immense sabre-toothed tiger shifters, so they're not just sabre-toothed tigers at all. They're also men, and therefore double the size.

Yesterday, I had a meltdown so big I started eating my own duvet, before crying all over my keyboard and randomly stuffing my face with jelly turtles. This is an actual description of what happened, too, and not just an exaggeration. Which is why I'm not really writing a post at all.

I can't. I've got to save all of my words for the thing that's making me sit around in a big orange dress, hair unwashed, poo coming out green because of the serious jelly turtle addiction.

Go on without me. I'm a lost cause!


  1. Charlotte - when you have time, what's a jelly turtle? (and that sounds like an entirely sensible reaction to the stress if you ask me)

  2. Charlotte, darling,

    This is a road, too.

    Good luck with the sabre-toothed kitties!


  3. Thanks for letting us know, Charlotte, and good luck birthing the sabre-toothed shifters!

  4. I am also curious about the jelly turtles. Do they help? I might need some!

  5. Jelly turtles are little green sweeties, with jelly on one side and foam on the other. Plus, they taste like bubblegum!

    Thanks for the support, guys! xoxoxoxox


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