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Road Tripping

Oh, how I love road trip stories. I have written several, including this one simply called "Road Trip." It originally appeared in Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2006. It's a fun, dirty little story about two girls on a road trip from Virginia to Florida. I've made this trip many times. But it never went quite like this...

Road Trip

Kristina Wright

“Your parents are going to hate me.”

“You are brilliant, fabulous and I love you.” I glanced at Laura, my girlfriend of six months, one week, and grinned. “They will tolerate you for my sake and then talk about you as soon as we’re out of the house.”

“Thanks, Jackie,” she glared at me over the tops of her pink-tinted sunglasses. “You really know how to make me feel better.”

I reached over and squeezed her hand. “It’ll be okay. Promise.”

We were making the pilgrimage from our apartment in Alexandria, Virginia to my parents’ house in Miami Beach because Laura had passed the test few of my girlfriends ever survived—the six-month mark. For whatever reason, despite my bitchy, moody nature, penchant for late night junk food binges, obsession with the entire WNBA and fondness for collecting animals (real ones, not stuffed), Laura had stuck with me. To reward her for her devotion to me, I was going to introduce her to Mr. and Mrs. Uptight, the wonderful couple who raised an intelligent, thoughtful, animal-loving lesbian and were still bewildered by the whole idea that I would not be settling down with the boy next door and popping out a few grandbabies for them to spoil. If this little get-together didn’t send Laura running for the hills, grandchildren might still be a possibility.

“Tell me again why we’re doing this,” Laura said, staring out the window at the scenery, which consisted only of sunshine, scrub brush, flat land and little old ladies crawling along at ten miles below the speed limit. Florida is a beautiful state, but interstate driving leaves much to be desired.

“As I recall, it was your idea.” I moved into the left lane to avoid one of the blue hairs who seemed more intent on staying between the lines than holding to any particular speed. “In fact, it was you who said, ‘Take me to meet your parents.’”

“I think you’d just gotten me off for the fourth time in an hour. I was delirious.”

“Exactly. Why else would you want to go see my parents?”

We’d bickered about this trip since I’d called my parents two weeks ago to tell them we were coming. Every time I was sure Laura had changed her mind, I’d offer to call and cancel, only to have her change it back. I was starting to get a little annoyed.

“This is the longest drive ever.”

I bit my lip and counted to ten before saying anything. “We could have flown, but I know you hate to fly.”


We rode in silence for a little bit. Then Laura started squirming again. “Is that as cold as the air-conditioning gets?”

Another familiar argument. “The mustang is sixteen years old. Yes, that’s as cold as it gets. No, it doesn’t bother me because I bought it for the convertible top.”

Which, I didn’t bother mentioning, I hadn’t used much since meeting Laura because she was a natural redhead with the pale, easily burned skin to go with the hair.

“Sorry. I’m just bored.”

“No kidding.”

She let out a sigh that sounded like a slow leak. “I don’t want to fight.”

I gritted my teeth. “Okay.”

She leaned over the center console and put her head on my shoulder. “Really, Jackie. I’m sorry. I’m just nervous.”

“It’ll be okay.” I’d said it so many times, I felt like I should have it tattooed across my forehead.

“You just need to relax.”

“Stop telling me I need to relax.” She was whining now. “I know I need to relax. I just don’t know how to relax.”

I decided we were never going to make it to my parents’ house. We were going to have to pull off the side of the road and kill each other. “God, Laura, you’re driving me nuts.”

I didn’t have to look at her to see she was flipping me the bird.

I reached over and smacked her bare thigh. “I saw that.”

“Ouch! That hurt.” She rubbed her thigh. “I should smack you back.”

“Rule number one: the driver is in charge.” It was an old road trip joke, going back to when I was in high school. “Rule number two: no hitting the driver.”

“Very funny.”

I spared her a sideways glance. “I’m serious. Now sit over there like a good girl and be quiet.”

Something in my voice must have told her I really was serious, because she sat back and stayed quiet.

I smirked just a little bit. “Since you need to relax, maybe you should start by loosening up your clothes. It’s hard to relax when you’re clothes are tight.”

Laura stared at me as if I’d grown a second head. “What?”

“Undo your shorts.”

“What?” she said, louder.

“I’m trying to help you relax. Undo your shorts.”

She hesitated so long, I didn’t think she was going to do it. Then, slowly, I saw her hands moving at her waist. I heard her pull down the zipper on her khaki shorts. I couldn’t keep from smiling now.

“Good girl. Now the tank top.”

“What do you want me to do about it?” she asked, her voice just a little breathless.

“Take it off.”

“Jackie! I can’t!”

She was right, she really couldn’t. That was just asking to be pulled over by a cop. “Fine. Pull it up.”

That suited her better. She hiked her pink tank top up over her stomach, to just below her breasts. “Okay?”



“I mean it, Laura. Higher.”

She pulled it up, over her breasts. I stared so long I almost ran us off the road.

“Jackie! Shit! You’re going to get us killed.”

I focused on driving, the image of her perfect, hard, pink nipples ingrained on my brain. “God, you’re hot. I just want to pull over and fuck you.”

She laughed. “Then we’d never get to your parents’ house.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Just shut up and drive,” she said.

I glanced over quickly and saw she had her hand down her pants. “What are you doing?”

“Jerking off.”

I groaned. “Show me.”

She didn’t hesitate this time. She squirmed and wiggled until her shorts and underwear lay in a pile on the floorboard. Then she turned toward me and propped one foot on the dashboard. Her cunt glistened, covered with the same beautiful red hair as on her head.

“Damn girl, I think you want me to get us killed.”

“That would keep me from having to meet your parents,” she said with a wicked grin.

“You’re going to have to do more than flash your coochie, doll.” I turned my attention back to the highway. Thankfully, traffic wasn’t too heavy. “We’ll be there in less than an hour.”

I heard a soft whimper and looked over to see that she had two fingers buried inside her. I bit my lip. Hard. The girl was going to be the death of me yet. For once, I wished I had cruise control so that would be one less thing for me to concentrate on. As it was, it took all my willpower to stay on the road.

“Mmm,” Laura moaned. “Too bad you’re driving.”

She was finger fucking herself quickly, shoving her fingers deep and then drawing them out and over her engorged clit. I knew how she would taste if I licked her right then, her clit swollen between my lips, her juices sweet and salty, the skin of her thighs silky soft against my cheeks.

“Go on, baby,” I whispered hoarsely. “Fuck yourself.”

She did. She twisted in the seat so that her back was against the car door, one foot propped on my headrest, the other wedged up on the dashboard. She was spread wide open and I couldn’t do one damn thing except watch. I loved it.

“God, I’m soaked,” she said. She slipped her fingers from her cunt and leaned toward me.

“Here, taste.”

I sucked her fingers between my lips. She was delicious. I kept looking for somewhere I could pull off, throw her in the back seat and fuck her senseless, but there was nowhere to stop on I-95 on a sunny afternoon. I groaned.

“This was your idea,” she teased, reading my mind. “Now you just have to watch.”

I knew by the change in her voice that her fingers were back inside her cunt. I glanced over, staring so long that I drifted into the next lane. The blare of a horn jerked me back into reality and made Laura gasp.

“Stop that, you’re freaking me out.”

I had a thought. “Fine, I’ll keep my eyes on the road, but you have to let me touch you.”

“Sounds dangerous.”

“It’s safer than teasing me like this,” I argued. I didn’t know if it was safer, but I knew I couldn’t wait another minute to touch her. “Let me get you off.”

She didn’t say any more as I nudged her hand aside and slid a finger, then two, inside her. She was warm, wet. So wet. She scooted lower in the seat, sliding closer to me. Her left leg was now draped over the car seat, her right leg braced against the dashboard. I pushed a third finger into her and twisted my hand, feeling her G-spot swollen and spongy against my fingertips.

“Oh, there, right there,” she gasped as I stroked that sensitive spot. “God, that feels so good.”

I kept fucking her, keeping my eyes on the road. I didn’t need to see her to fuck her. I could feel her thigh muscles tremble, her cunt clench against my fingers, hear the sweet sounds she made as I angled my hand up and stroked her clit with my thumb. I held the steering wheel in a white-knuckle grip with my left hand and fucked her slowly and steadily with my right.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” she muttered, raising her ass off the car seat to thrust her cunt against my hand. “Harder. Please.”

I braided my fingers together and drove them into her, fucking her hard and deep, her cunt slick and hot around my hand.

She started to pant, breathing through her mouth like a woman in labor, only she was sucking my fingers into her instead of pushing them out. I was fucking her as hard as I ever had, staring at the highway in front of me and seeing only her cunt in my mind, nearly swallowing my hand.

“That’s it, come for me, baby.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned, then screamed. “I’m going to come!”

I looked over then, I couldn’t help it. She sounded too fucking amazing to not at least get a glimpse. Her hands were on her breasts, pinching and squeezing her nipples as if she couldn’t help but touch herself. Her head was against the window, her back arched, her thighs straining as she thrust her cunt up to my hand. Her whole body was taut, humming with pent up energy. And then she was coming, her juices soaking my hand, trickling down to wet the seat underneath her. Her cunt felt like a glove around my hand, so hot I could barely stand it.

She gripped my wrist tightly, as if afraid I was going to take my fingers away. I let her guide me, hold me, as her orgasm wrung her out and left her limp.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she panted, still holding my wrist and keeping my fingers inside her. “I’m still coming.”

I could feel it, too. Her cunt rippled around my fingers like an exotic sea creature, clinging to me, wet and swollen. “Oh baby,” I whispered. “God, you’re so hot.”

She grinned at me, her eyes half-closed. She looked like a cat, undulating in the car seat, stretching her limbs in the sunshine. “Thanks. That was amazing.”

I withdrew my fingers slowly, hearing her groan of disappointment. My hand throbbed, hot and wet and feeling bruised. I licked my fingers, tasting her clean, salty taste and aching for the moment when I could bury my head between her legs and drink from the source.

She nudged my thigh with her foot. “I’ll take care of you later.”

“Oh shit,” I said, smacking the steering wheel with my still wet hand. “Shit, shit, shit.”

Laura sat up, jerking down her tank top even while she swiveled around in the seat. “What? Cop? What?”

“No,” I sighed. “I missed the exit.”


  1. Absolutely perfect, Kristina!

    What a great way to end the week!

  2. Kristina - road trip! Mine were never that fun.

  3. Thank you all! I thought it was a good story for a Friday. Incidentally, the first anthology idea I pitched to Cleis was for a collection of road trip erotica. They didn't go for it. So sad...

    Kathleen ~ Shotgun!! :-)

  4. Mmmm... Thank you for letting us tag along!!


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