Thursday, June 21, 2012

by Jean Roberta

This is immensely frustrating. I tried to post my summer song list here, but when I tried to give my post a title, the whole post disappeared.

This is my second try.

Here is a driving rock song from my youth:

& another classic:

The following piece seems like the themesong for summer 1982, when I had my first sexual relationship with a woman. (she stole my bank account.) (Strangely enough, it was written int he 1960s but only became a hit in 1981.)

Things got better! Here is my themesong for the summer of 1989, when I became involved with the Latina who is now my legal spouse, and I finally got my Master's degree after passing the oral exam (no pun intended) in which I defended my thesis on five novels by Doris Lessing. This song is all about dreams come true in a vaguely Latin setting:

Here is a hot summer classic:

Note that this song is awesomely covered by a home-grown (from the town where I live) velvet-voiced prairie singer-songwriter, Heather Bishop, but I couldn't find her version on-line.

Here is a favourite of mine, "Greensleeves," which my mother taught me to sing at age 3 to impress grownups. This version, by the King's Singers (UK) is the same arrangement that I sang with Prairie Pride Chorus, a local choir which dwindled away until it folded. Alas, my loves.

Here is the funniest song about summer here in Saskatchewan I've ever heard:

If you missed some of the lyrics, here they are:

Okay, now I hope this will post.

Speaking of pirates, I must rush off to continue checking student essays. The plagiarism is out of hand.


  1. Hi Jean!

    Its fun to see what songs people grow up with. That Peggy Lee song is something I've been hearing forever. It reminds me of the kitchen radio when I was a kid.


  2. Hi, Jean,

    "La Isla Bonita" is one of my favorites.

    Sorry about Blogger. Sometimes it seems designed to frustrate.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I hope Blogger will be more user-friendly for my next post.


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