Monday, June 11, 2012


by Kathleen Bradean

This is the week where jealousy will burn through me as fellow Grippers talk about their works in progress, while I have nothing going on. Nothing.

Oh sure, I write this weekly post, and I review for Erotica Revealed, and my FB quips fly fast and furious, but none of that is a work in progress. I'm beta reading novels for friends. I'm sending out query letters to agents for my novel. No progress to report there. So I'm drifting, not progressing, not writing.

I haven't read through ERWA's calls for submissions for almost a year now. If an editor contacts me directly, I'll usually manage to put together a story, but I haven't been inspired to write a short story on my own for a long, long time. Garce's story challenge a few weeks ago was the closest I've come to letting my imagination run rampant because I didn't have to worry about creating a publishable tale. Intermittently, I think about putting together a collection of my work, but that's as far as that thought ever goes.

What I am doing is puzzling out the next book in my science fiction series - where to start, what has to happen, who is conspiring with whom and why, who will betray their alliances, and how it must end... But I have nothing to show for it. I haven't written word one.


  1. Hi Kathleen,
    I was dry for like 18 months recently, doing nothing actually not even checking email practically, so you are doing loads more than I was.

    Keep your chin up, you are talented, and I am sure the words will come soon! Good luck with your scifi!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Chloe. Eighteen months sounds horrible. I'm not too worried though. I've been through these dry spells before. Eventually some story will demand to be told.

    I hope.

  3. Hello, Kathleen,

    First of all, if you're working out plot and character issues for the next book in your series, you DO have a work in progress. (So you plan to continue The Devil's Concubine? Fantastic!)

    Second - I want you to write me a vampire story for Coming Together: In Vein! Consider yourself solicited. Given that your vampire submissive tale is one of the best in the genre (or really, breaking the genre) that I've ever encountered, I know you can do it.

  4. *long groan* Vampires. Why does it always have to be vampires?

    Lisabet, can you point me to the submission guidelines? And yes, it's another Devil's Concubine story.

    Have I mentioned how much I hate vampires?

  5. I'm looking for vampires that are as different as you can imagine. And I KNOW your imagination...

    The guidelines (and the wonderful cover) are here:

    Note that this is for Coming Together. The book will benefit Doctors Without Borders. And previously published work IS acceptable if you own the rights.

  6. Doctors Without Borders are a fantastic group.

  7. We all create at our own pace. Don't be jealous. I admire anyone who can multi-task the way you do!

  8. Kristina - multi-task? Me? :)You have two small kids. They're a multi-task right there.

  9. You've written before. You'll write again. I keep telling myself that every week. It helps.

    I don;t know, after being married a long time, usually when women vent a little I know better than to give advice.

    In my case I just get a pencil and scribble every dumb thing in my head until something starts to appear in the gloom. Just dump my brain out and flush. Works for me. Anyway. you know what its like.


  10. I agree with everyone else here, Kathleen. If you're working out plot problems and getting to know your characters, you are working on the next book. My lesbian pirate novella has been docked for awhile while I cope with plagiarists in my classroom & a non-fic anthology.

  11. I'll second what Lisabet said: if you're puzzling out plot, you have a WIP. And if you have a WIP, the writing will come.


  12. Thanks all for the words of support. On one hand, I know that mentally working on a story is part of writing, but typing will make it seem real.


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