Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Frustration: Me and My Tennis Ball, by Blondie

Tennis ball, tennis ball! Oh, how I love my tennis ball! Me an' my tennis ball, yeah, yeah, yeah.

One day, me and my tennis ball were just hangin’ out. We did that a lot, when Mom was out or at work or something else boring that didn’t involve me—for ya know, anything that didn’t involve me wasn’t fun. I never saw a smile on Mom’s face like the one she got when she came home and saw...ME! I can truthfully say I was the light of her life. No conceit—facts are facts.

So anyhoo, there we were, me an’ my tennis ball. I was playing with ya, batting ya back and forth between my paws when I...missed. (dropping embarrassed face between paws). OOPS!

BIG oops! You rolled underneath a cabinet! And I couldn’t rescue youuuuuuu....... (howling)

I tried everything! I stuck my paw under the cabinet...and you came a little closer.  Then a little closer still.

I stuck my nose under the cabinet to get you in my teeth. I tried and tried and tried! I tried so hard that I rubbed all the skin off my nose!

So after that I had a black nose with a pink patch.


Blondie's ashes are now in a box on Mommy's bookshelf. 
She misses her sweet doggie every day.

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  1. Oh, Suz - this made me smile! Great, original take on the theme.

  2. A while back we did a sessions on POV. No one mentioned the dog's POV.
    Fun, funny.
    Reminds me of "Sick Puppy" by Carl Hiaasen. There's w wonderful chapter in the story of the plot as seen from dog's eye view.

  3. Sweet flasher, Suz. Our 90 lb, epileptic lop-eared hound passed away a couple of years ago. We've had dogs all our lives, but we probably won't get another at this point. Wouldn't want to go through that kind of grief @ 85 or so.

  4. Loved the doggie POV. Bill Neale who sadly passed away two years ago used a little terrier's POV trying to stop his master from making poor dating decisions - amazing how well it worked.

  5. The pitch-perfect voice of a wonderful dog! At least it sounds pitch-perfect to me; I'm not dog, but I've had a couple that I'm sure would have spoken just like that. (And behaved like that, at least in their younger years.)

  6. Haha! This definitely makes me want to hang out with a dog sometime soon! I really miss having one. :)

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, gang...Annabeth, I really do miss her every day. Goldens are the BEST.

    2. Thank you. She was a lovely girl, inside and out.

  7. Such a lighthearted flasher, followed by such sad news (doggy has passed away). Thanks for posting such a distinct approach to our flasher theme.

    1. She had cancer--seems to be endemic in goldens. Had to put her down in '05 :(


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