Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The League of Pissed Off Women

Shinobu Dainagon No Suke
proud and sexy, kind of spooky
jumped in the sea, performed her duty
did Lady Dainagon No Suke.

She played koto, composed Haiku
and she wooed a biwa hoshi.
Who wields the blade makes up the rules
and she packed a wakizashi.

Although her man, he let her down
Lady Dainagon No Suke
her sword was mightier than his pen
and she served up penis sushi.

If trees fall, where no sound hears
does woman weep who sheds no tears?
Where no soul breathes does freedom matter?
Where no heart beats can hope be shattered?

Android Ilsa stood on the wall
Angry Ilsa had a great fall.
All the technicians and corporate men
won't put Ilsa together again.

Lawd have mercy, for Heaven's sake -
look what a mess poor Nixie makes
of a Pentecostal preacher man
who preached the blood of Christ the Lamb

Who preached of Christ's grim crown of thorns
who called her from the unicorns
though she was dead, was now reborn.

Transformed with love for God and Man
killed by mistake her lover Dan.
Thou shalt not give hope to the damned.

I let them get away with murder
That I may be a litterateur.


  1. Thanks for the wordplay lagniappes.

    And that half-a-girl hanging there is pretty hot-- except for all the wires.

    1. Ilsa was in the first book I ever sold - Mortal Engines. Itwas written years ago but I see some of those inventions coming to life even now.

  2. All your talent with prose, and you're a poet, too.

    But maybe the rest of the blog members don't know your women the way I do.

    1. You've known these women for years and grown up with me as a writer. You;ve always been there.

  3. Certainly makes me want to know more about your women, Garce.

    1. Thanks Sacchi. I wish I knew them better too!

  4. I recognize Ilsa because I did read Mortal Engines. (And the first stanza of that poem is beautiful).

    I still want the Nixie book!


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