Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ode to My Potted Tropical Plant

Steady on at 36 degrees, the dark holds itself in stillness
ghost frost breathing seas over the glass
in the muted house
Retreating at the snap of the light.

My brave plant there, carried inside last night
Out of reach of the frost killing fingers of the alien American night.
Displaced in its small pot
Like an adventurous cripple in a wheel chair,  
Mobilis in mobili.
Under a broad leaf, a tiny green tree frog
Its ancestors brought in by banana boat
Generations past, dayo, dayo, me wanna go home,
Until the lady frogs gentled him into peace.

Does it know there is any other of its kind alive somewhere?
I give you the golden apples of the sun's lost light glide
And the white apples of the moon.

Paled by darkling night, naked, grudging night
forever greened by the light of the lording sky,
that belongs to no one.
Welcome to my kitchen.
Now, you.  Thrive.


  1. I love it. Especially the part about the frog and the banana boat!

  2. Garce! Garce! Red condoms are hanging from your plant!

    1. No no, that's a carnivorous pitcher plant. Seriously. It attracts insects into its "pitchers" and eats them Be damned careful what you stick inside those!

      Lovely, lovely poem, though.

    2. Well, it is after all supposed to be an erotica site.

      Imagine if Georgia O'Keefe knew about these.

    3. Thanks Sachi!
      They are carnivorous. I collect them. They are a Wonder of nature.

    4. Thanks Lisabet! I'm not a poet yet, but this is always the place where I experiment.

  3. Beautiful, Garce. You always bring something unexpected.

  4. Hi Jean! I want to learn to write poetry. I'm going to try to post that once in awhile here. You'll have to be patient with me as I learn. I'm an old dog learning a new trick.


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