Monday, February 2, 2009


by Jamie Hill

Let me be totally honest with you—I’m not from Hawaii, never been there, might never go. Recently I wrote a story for Total E-Bound’s Pleasure Bound Anthology (coming June 2009) and I had to choose an exotic setting. Folks, I’m from the Midwest. California is exotic to me. Anyway, they let me choose Hawaii. I scoured the internet for details on the Hawaiian language including pidgin slang, which I found very interesting and entertaining. Now I like to sprinkle it in my conversation. Maybe it makes me feel like part of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s posse. I dunno.

But, I digress. (Get used to it.)

Howzit? I’m Jamie Hill, erotic romance author and another member of the new Get a Grip crew. This is my introductory post where I tell you all about myself so I’ll try to make it wiki wiki—very fast. *G*

I write contemporary erotic romance with happy endings. Originally published in 2006, my first novel and anthology stories (most can still be found at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid) were all heterosexual. Pretty soon I discovered there was a market out there for gay and lesbian books. Personally, I’ve always felt that love is love and hot sex is hot sex, no matter who's involved. So I gave it a shot.

I have two lesbian titles right now with a third due out this summer. I have six or seven gay novels and stories, with about a dozen more due out this year. (Yes, I discovered this is my favorite genre to write. Leave out the women and their angst, make it two men and what fun you can have! Hee hee hee) My gay and lesbian titles can be found at Phaze and Total E-Bound Publishing. I also have hetero titles at both places and at Freya’s Bower, where I have a fun romantic suspense chapter book called Edge of Sanity.

I’ve written lots of different types of romance: straight contemporary, paranormal with ghosts, suspense, and horror (scratch the happy endings in the horror stuff.) With my writing partner Jude Mason I’ve written shape shifters (cougars, bears and wolves), and we have a new series out this year involving m/m sex and ghosts. Yum! I’m also tinkering with D/s and BDSM.

I guess you can see, I don’t fit into a niche. I tell people to wander around my website to discover what kooky things my imagination has conjured up. I always label my books so you’ll know what you’re getting. If a certain genre isn’t to your liking, keep looking. I’ve got lots to choose from.

That’s me in a writing nutshell. Oh, there are plenty more stories to be told, but since this is a weekly blog, I’d better save some for later. Pau hana. Quitting time.

Mahalo, thanks for stopping by our blog, and I promise you I won’t be acting like a mainlander and trying to speak Hawaiian next time. Oh wait, no promises from this crew! You never know what might happen here... and don't forget our contest! Every time you leave a comment this week, you're entered to win a $30 Amazon gift certificate!

A hui hou – See you again!


  1. Jammers,
    Hi sweetie, well you know I love your work, I am going to have to check out 2 books I have not read.

    No matter what you write you do it Brilliantly.

    From a reviewer who adores you.

  2. OH, I agree with Deb. I reviewed one of your stories for TEB and loved it so of course I had to buy more. O amaze myself at the diffferent types of erotic romance I'm suddenly obsessed with. Must be the author! LOL! You hvae a very busy year ahead of you. Enjoy!!!!

  3. Yeah, I find Hawaii pretty exotic myself. I've never been either. But now if I go I already know some slang!

  4. I love the photo you used, especially as I am buried under more than three feet of snow in the Midwest. Yes, Hawaii seems exotic and quite a bit warmer than here!

  5. Debbers! You made my morning. With all the wonderful things you've said about my work, of course you're plastered all over my website. One of my favorites was "Jamie Hill's astonishing brilliance is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime." LOL!!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.



  6. Morning Des! Thanks for the lovely comments. You're pretty busy yourself! I admit, I like it that way. I can complain and get lots done, all at the same time.


    Take care!


  7. Hi AJ, I loved researching the Hawaiian slang. I'd never be brave enough to use it if I went there, I'd look like such a tourist. heh heh heh

    Thanks for popping in!


  8. Hi Andrea,

    No snow here but cold and windy. And the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Great. Not. LOL



  9. I've never been to Hawaii but hopefully one day I'll make it out there.


  10. This looks like it's going to be a fun blog to check out.

    And I can't resist the lure of Amazon gift certificates!

    Best wishes from another Phaze author.

  11. I have never been an e book reader until recently. Not that I do I am going to have to check some of yours.

    Don't think there isn't gay angst in real life. I have a relative who makes good money, had spotless credit until he decided to go for a guy that is using him. The user will come around just before a gifting holiday or his birthday, stay until he gets his present then leave until the next time. The victim in the relationship cosigned for a car and got burned. The user trashed his old apartment so now the victim has no credit. Now he has asked my wife to cosign. His friend PROMISED he would make the payments this time. My wife said no and asked if he wanted to talk to me. He was afraid to ask. He knows I don't believe in taking on someone else's debt.

    The sex must be good because he is always in a good mood when the user is around.

    Hey that might be a story.

    Love your blog.

    Me Ke Aloha,


  12. Glad to see you gals taking over!! Here's to some great Get a Grip topics!

  13. england is under a server eather warning today

    loved the photo

    gl with the books

  14. I so love your books. I hope I can win so I can buy more.LOL

  15. At least you've been to Hawaii in spirit. *LOL*

    Carpe Noctem,

    Desirée Lee
    Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

  16. Waves at fellow 'Oh Get a Gripper' (which sounds funnier than heck) and races back to my desk. I am so behind... LOL

    Great blog, Jamie. I've never been to Hawaii either, and it's one of those places I'd like to see, but don't know if I'd like. Too commercial. Give me a backwoods cabin and a naked man to play with and I'm in heaven. Hehehe!


  17. Interesting to hear some Hawiaan slang.. and find out some is on the web. Good luck with your taking over the blog...Jean

  18. Great post Jamie! Congrats to you and Jude and your partners this is a Fabulous Blog!!

    Can't wait to learn more about your Hawaiian research adventures!!

  19. Enjoyed the comments. I love visiting Hawaii and thanks for including some of their language in your writing.

  20. Great post here Jamie. always love learning more about ya'll. And I don't know why but everytime I watch Dog the Bounty Hunter I say bra for about an hour lol! Drives the hubby crazy.

    Just wanted to note that it is really hard to find f/f books so I was never that into them. It wasn't until I read your Cattle Valley book that I read one, then I had to go back and find more lol!

    I'm glad to see someone out there is writing them though. I love the sensual and unique love stories. Although I don't think I will be trying any of my own anytime soon lol!


  21. Aloha, Jamie. That's okay, I haven't been to Hawaii either. Just dreamin'. I've read several of your books (Jude's too) but am looking forward to learning about everyone else. It seems as though this is going to be a really fun blog.


  22. Jamie, doll you know you "ROCK".

    Lubs you

    Crystal will be contacting you in a day or so... {add evil laugh here}

  23. You all are so sweet you're about to make me cry. *G* Thanks for all the kind comments. I can't keep up with answering each personally but know that I read them and I appreciate it!

    *slips a twenty under the monitor to Deb*


  24. You're a new to me author but I'm always looking for new reads :)

  25. *waves madly* I never knew you were so far as all the genres you write. Come tax time, I'm planning on picking up one or two. And, keep that sense of humor. It's very refreshing!

    Big hugs,

  26. Kooky is wonderful, so I say stay kooky Jamie! LOL


  27. I love your stuff!! I belong to your yahoo group and newsletter so I stay up to date with your work!

  28. Hi Jamie, well it looks like the blog is off to a roaring start! It's interesting that you scatter Hawaiianisms (Mogger Speak) in your post, as my daughter visited there on her honeymoon last year. She does much the same now. I call her up and get "Aloha", which confuses me no end as her voice changes totally somehow. I've put it down to her trying to keep the old man on his toes, but it doesn't work. I'm still looking for a place in the local "Home for the Bewildered"

    Anyway, enough of this. Good luck with the blog and keep the books coming. How you write as well as you do and at the speed you do is beyond me, but I'm glad you do.

    Take care,


  29. Aloha, Jamie! Looks like you're off to a great start!

  30. Aloha! When I was a kid I had friends that had moved in from Hawaii. They taught me a little bit of a Hula. LOL

    Great blog!

  31. Aloha, Jamie! I'm a HUGE fan of your writing and also of Dog The bounty Hunter...LOL!

    Rhonda :0)

  32. Aloha! My mom came back from her first visit to Hawaii and brought her Lei back as well as some pretty flower charms. I think those are Plumeria flowers in the picture. Gorgeous picture!

  33. I stopped over at the Honolulu airport once, on the way to Asia... that's about it. But my feeling is that your imagination can take you wherever you want to go.

    Looking forward to blogging with you, Jamie!

  34. Aloha! from Kansas.

  35. Hawaii, the islands so many of my dreams have been made of. I've read several of your books. I agree with you, your m/m stories are great. Love is love, hot sex is hot sex. You and Jude together are just down right awesome.