Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Stanley's Resolve

by Daddy X                                            

Stanley examined his face in the mirror. 

I must get rid of these pimples.  

Then maybe Stanley could have some friends. Maybe even his blonde fantasy, Maryanne the cheerleader. The prettiest girl in school.

Built. Like. Hell.

But Maryanne already has a boyfriend. Captain of the football team.

Hugh, that handsome fuck.  

What does Hugh have that Stanley doesn’t? Besides Maryanne? And not having pimples?  

Clear-faced mother fucker.

But Stanley is also aware of Hugh’s large cock.

He hurts her with it.


If someday Hugh comes down with lots of pimples? And if I lose all mine? Perhaps Maryanne would like me better than Hugh. A real man has to maintain his resolve.

Stanley is taking steps. Taking steps to have Maryanne all to himself.

She’ll be my girl forever.

There’s that dirt road behind the cemetery. He hides there in a tall hedge on Saturday nights, waiting for Maryanne and Hugh.

That dead-end place where lovers pull a car in tight.

Where the road narrows down to a path. Stanley knows they’ll be having sex. They always do.

Every Saturday night.

Up in the hedge he’s fashioned a blind of sorts. He gets there early and climbs into the branches.  Where the car will be positioned. To peek in their windows.  

Within a foot or two.

Always in Hugh’s car. Sometimes on hot nights, on the hood of his car.

That fucking Beemer of his. Rich cock sucker. He’ll get his.

Like the others got theirs.  

It surprised Stanley to see Maryanne there twice with Carlos Rodrigues, Shareem Peckett and Richard Smiley. Without Hugh.

More fucking football players. They must have promised her something special to get a nice girl like Maryanne to do such things with so many guys.

Stanley took his first calculated steps with those very boys. He couldn’t stand the way she was being mistreated by those brutes.

A girl with a boyfriend, no less. Captain of their own team.

Now they won’t bother her any more.

I wonder what big fucking  halfback Hugh would say about that! How I protected Maryanne. How I protected her from his team members doing such disgraceful things to his girlfriend. Yet a third time. Hugh will never know how I looked after her. If he did, he would probably give me a medal. Or something…

They’ll never find the bodies.

The football players fucked Maryanne’s brains out. Both times Stanley watched them take turns on her, screwing every entrance and fold, natural or improvised.  The team ejaculated enough collective semen on her body to allow the filth they rolled in to stick to her skin and in her hair, coating her in dust, leaves and detritus.

Fucking drunken gang bang.

They all howled, drank beer and spilled it over Maryanne’s tits.

A brine foam of combined juices. 

Every penetration, she screamed into the night, sounding to whoever might be listening as wanton ecstasy.

Just like she fakes them with him. Every time. Just because Hugh swings that big cock, that doesn’t mean he knows how to use it. She let’s him believe he’s satisfying her. Dumb fucking prick.

But I’ll treat her right. Just as soon as I get rid of these pimples.  

Stanley is planning to conceal himself near the entrance to school. Taking advantage of the element of surprise. He’ll bring his dead grandfather’s straight razor. He’ll jump out behind Hugh.

One swipe across the throat should do it.

Hugh will never see it coming. He’ll surely bleed out before paramedics arrive.

Then all the kids at school will recognize the totality of Stanley’s resolve. How deeply he loves Maryanne and wants and needs her all for himself. Not every suitor would do that for a girl. Certainly not Carlos, Shareem or Richard.

Or Hugh for that matter.

None of them will be a factor any more. Once Stanley and Maryanne become a couple, they can make new friends.

She’ll be with me forever.

As soon as he gets rid of his pimples.


  1. Hmm, I wonder whether Maryanne has noticed that at least two guys she's fucked have disappeared. Might think twice (or more) about going parking out in that supposedly isolated spot. Or maybe she thinks like the girls in horror movies.

    Or maybe she's dead already, too--I couldn't quite figure that out.

    Beautifully dark and creepy story.

  2. Bravo! Great rhythm here, too, almost like call and response.

  3. Thanks, Sacchi and Lisabet-

    Heheh... girls in horror movies are always doing the wrong things, aren't they?


    Maryanne is alive. Stanley's convinced he's the man for her. (and he's gonna prove it).

    Lisabet- Cool. An internal call and response effect is exactly what I intended for this. In fact, I described it that way to one of the crits I got on ERWA. Unfortunately, I didn't fix the error on the 'let's', which everybody critting let me know about. Damn!

  4. I hope Stanley never gets rid of the pimples! Menacing and effective, for sure.

  5. Nice correlation between high school jocks and pimples, both of which need to be removed so the hero can get what he wants. The narrator's thinking is understandable, even though we can guess that Maryanne wouldn't willingly fall into the arms of the guy who murdered half the football team. Definitely dark.