Friday, April 4, 2008

And another thing...

Okay so... you caught me on the wrong day. I am pretty easy going but here goes.

George Carlin said, "Men are stupid and women are crazy... Women are crazy because men are stupid." Hmmmm .... interesting. I prefer what I read on a bathroom wall in Richmond, "No matter how pretty she is, no matter how much money she has, not matter how smart she is... someone, somewhere is tired of her sh*t."

These are some of the top things that irritate me about girls.

I'm in, I'm out, I'm in... Otherwise know as fickleness. It is annoying! Make up your mind already!

Girls who think you should buy their drinks just because they are girls. Case in point, I walk up to the bar several weeks ago at my local pub. E., 21, cute, is sitting with three friends. She calls my name in a sing song voice and asks "Are you going to buy us a shot?" I respond, "Why in the hell would I buy you a shot?" Her response, "Because you love me". Needless to say they went thirsty.

Coyness. Believe it or not, our egos are shaky enough without having to constantly guess at whether you are playing a game and are really into us or if you are just being evasive. Yes we like a little bit of a hunt but it is refreshing to meet a girl who is confident enough to let you know very directly that she is into you. Whew, what a relief.

Sporadic call backs and responses to texts. Translation, "I am a girl so I can respond to your call whenever I feel like it." I have had a number of girls tell me, "That is just the way I am...I am like that with everybody." Well don't let the door hit you on the way OUT. We all miss a call, get busy, respond much later to a call or text than we would have liked to... When this happens consistently it is a sure sign of a girl who is WAY too into herself. Bottom line, it is about politeness.

And the top most irritating thing of all about girls... All their whining about finding a nice guy when they CONSISTENTLY gravitate to the guys that treat them like crap. And yes, I am talking about you! (No, not you who are reading this...her! :) Many girls mistake poor treatment for strength. Out of desperation they cling to an unresponsive, disengaged, or even abusive male like a heroin addict chases down their next "high". Because a guy treats you with kindness and respect doesn't mean he is a weak.

Disclaimer: None of this applies to all of the wonderful female colleagues of mine who participate in this blog. :)


  1. Nice disclaimer, Daren, but it does too apply to us if we're guilty of it. :)

    My favorite part of this is the bathroom quote. Holy heck that was funny!

    You see though, we want the bad guy, tough alpha with the tender consideration of the doting boy next door. Where's THAT guy?!

  2. That was a fantastic post. Those reasons are exactly why I don't have "girl" friends. I cannot stand the way girls act. Women on the other hand, strong, independant, smart women are fine. Come sit with me and let's bitch about the girls.

    I don't like games, I am too old for it.

    I don't like the bad boys, I am too good for it.

    I can buy my own drinks, and I can even buy one for you. Come sit by me and we'll get a pint sometime.

    Dakota Rebel

  3. Great post! Honestly...really and truly, I NEVER acted that way. Mainly because I had so many GUY friends growing up. My heros are usually classified as Bad Boys/Alpha males but they always have a good heart. Why women want a man who is mean to them is beyond me. I'll never forget my teenaged son (he's grown now) having his heart broken by a girl who did so because HE WAS TOO NICE. He just didn't understand. My response was a hug as I told him to NEVER quit being a nice guy and someday he'd meet someone who appreciated that quality. I'm happy to say, he's STILL a nice guy.

  4. I married at eighteen so alas, I have nooooo experience with bad boys. Does that mean I'm deprived?

  5. Girls, you can't live with em, you can't live with em. Lol. That said, Dakota, come on down, you can buy me a beer anytime. And no Anny you are not missing out. Kelly, you described me to a t - ha! And Regina, great piece of parenting. Not sure why i felt the need to respond to everybody...must be the niceness. :)

  6. Always been drawn to the good guys with just a streak of bad--just enough to laugh behind the teacher's back once in a while, but never to hurt someone. Great post, Daren. All those things would annoy the crap out of me too!

  7. Excellent rant - and I have to say, being the bitch that I am, maybe your problem is you pursue 'girls' and not women...just a thought

  8. I have seen several women go after jerks and then wonder why they get treated poorly. The same women dumped really nice men because they thought them too boring. Oh well...

  9. Girls, women, ... trust me...i have dated both. But oh, that's next weeks blog right?


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