Monday, April 14, 2008

Romantic Times Week

So we've been talking off and on about going to the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention and I suppose you're wondering what all the hullabaloo is about. Well, click on the link and read all about it. Cindy, Kelly, and I will be there for the rest of this week so we'll be reporting on our life and times from the city of Pittsburgh. Rita and Dr. Daren will be holding down the home forts.

This is my first RT convention. Actually, this is my first year as a published author. My first book, Chrysanthemum, was released May of 2007. The year has flown by with a mighty rush. I'm not really sure what to expect, though I'm looking forward to meeting many of the fellow authors I've become friends with via the internet. Some of them I feel like I've known forever.

My househunk is going along to keep me out of trouble. There are some who would wonder if that was a good thing, but I figure if he's along he'll protect me from all those sexy male models. I heard that Adrian Paul and Fabio will be there somewhere. I sense that I would be in great danger if I went off to RT all alone.

I'm looking forward to having a great time. (And pictures... shhhh. We won't tell anyone!)



  1. Happy travels, my dear. To Cindy and Kelly,too. I sense trouble afoot with the lot of you set loose in Pittsburgh with all those hot cover models roaming around. I can see it now...Anny's househunk holding her back, struggling to keep "his woman" safely where she his side. And Cindy and Kelly gripping bottles of suntan oil and sweetly asking...may we oil your pecs, please??? Lol. Oh yeah...big TROUBLE.

    Have fun guys. Love you bunches. I'll be here pouting. Hugs!!!

  2. Leave off the oil. It gets the sheets messy. Not that I'll be in sheets with any of them. Wow, does that sound bad or what?

    I fully intend to let go. Oh yeah. Anny maybe chained down but I have a pick and I will use it to free her too. Muahahahahaaaaa.

    Cindy, you're bringing the cuffs, right?

  3. You've had a very successful 1st year, Anny dear! Way to go! Have a great time, and save me a hair pick? Looking forward to the pictures and hearing all about it!

  4. Anny! So proud of you! Bask in the fame and your accomplishments before all that attention gets boring. lol.


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