Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Live from Pittsburgh

RT is in full swing. Toninght was the E-Book Fair, which was chaos, immediately followed by Ellora's Cave Golden Age of Hollywood Party. Many sparkly gowns and bare-chested cover models--in other words, a feast for the eyes. It was fun to walk across the stage on the arm of the guy on the cover of Teach Me.

Meeting all my friends in person has been fabulous. Many I feel like I've known forever. Very cool thing was sitting in the e-book signing and having someone look at a cover flat and someone else said, "That's a great book!" Was actually stopped and asked for an autograph by a fan--I was so excited. She'd read "One Good Man" and loved it.

Finding food and catching elevators is tricky, and tomorrow's schedule is nuts. My feet are already sore and it's only Wednesday night. Most of my compatriots are still down in the bar, but I'm beat. Everyone have a good night and a pleasant tomorrow!


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  1. This sounds like so much fun and so exciting for you to sign autographs for FANS who've read your work. Have fun and keep everyone in line, honey.



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