Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday? Already?

Ack, where did the week go? I'm still not completely unpacked, and I've not even begun to catch up on the work I missed. Not to mention getting started on all the great ideas sparked by the convention.

I had a wonderful time in Pittsbugh, which is a surprisingly lovely city. Except for the construction both in and around the hotel. And of course, there are always a few people who try to ruin things for everyone. Some conventioneers could have benefitted from a refresher of basic manners, the kind they teach you in kindergarten.

1. Say please and thank you, and smile when you do it. It amazes me how many folks wer rude to the over worked hotel staff. The construction issues were not the fault of your waiter or the nice lady who cleans your room. If there's a problem, address it calmly and politely.

2. Smile and say hello. It cheers up even the famous authors you are afraid to talk to.

3. Wait your turn. At any convention, there are lots of lines. Try using them to meet new people, instead of pushing and shoving.

4. KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF! This seems to be the bggest complaint running around on the loops. Cover models getting too friendly with authors, AND authors getting too friendly with cover models (many of whom are married.) The party atmosphere is no excuse.

5. And finally, my biggest piece of advice for anyone in any situation: Don't take yourself too seriously. If you can laugh at yourself and at the situations you wind up in, life becomes a lot less stressful. And yes, other people really will laugh with you. Beats having them laugh AT you!

Have a good where did I put my black tennis shoes....


  1. Good words. Glad you made it home okay. It was so lovely meeting you!

  2. Likewise, Anny! So many wonderful people. It was definitely worth a week of inhaling construction dust.

  3. Ah...and now the tons of laundry and unpacking begins. As to manners, it's common to see tempers flair and sometimes, even manners go by the wayside when groups are large. Honestly, I can't imagine myself mauling a cover model. They HAD to be sooo patient to deal with this and keep smiling through it all.

    Hugs! (and welcome home)

  4. Hey sweet stuff!!

    Anyone else for drop kicking Daren?!!? DAREN IT'S FRIDAY.

  5. I so agree. If everyone would mind their matters and not take themselves so seriously (I tell myself the second one a lot), we'd all be much better off.


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