Sunday, August 17, 2008

Killer Curves- Coming Soon from Ellora's Cave

Mark your calendar's for my September 5 release Killer Curves. This is an Ellora's Cave contemporary romance.

Killer Curves
Regina Carlysle


After the death of her husband in a fiery crash, Carrie Martin Salem left the world of the racing circuit and retreated to Texas vowing to live a quiet and safe life. But old memories dig deep, leaving her longing for the friend she left behind. From the moment, J.T. Sims steps from the cab of his truck, Carrie knows it’s more than friendship she feels for the hottest racecar driver on Earth.
J.T. Sims never forgot the beautiful wife of his long-dead best friend. She’d had her time to grieve. She’d had years to pull herself together and now it was his turn, his time to reach out for the love he’s always wanted. His mission becomes convincing the pretty Texas lady that she’s strong enough to take what he’s offering. Nights of hot passion and days filled with love.

Excerpt: (Adult)
He’d come for her.
Carrie couldn’t quite believe it but truth was there on his face, burning deep in those dark, brown eyes as he held her pinioned against the side of his truck. His cock pressed flushed against her, burned hot through the crotch of her jeans and she mentally shook her head at the craziness of her position. They were friends. Weren’t they? Oh, no. Simple friends didn’t hold each other this way.
“Tell me what you mean, J.T.” Oh, God, her voice trembled. He’d rattled her for sure and she wasn’t a woman who rattled that easily after all she’d been through.
He wouldn’t be denied and she knew it. J.T.’s muscles bunched as he leaned closer, one tiny sexy increment and brushed his sensual lips against hers as if he planned a serious study on the textures of her mouth.
“I think you know exactly what I mean, sweetheart. I’ve been waiting. All this time just waiting,” he whispered in a rough voice. How did a man get such thick, black curling lashes, she wondered inanely as his lips brushed hers leisurely, as if he had all the time in the world.
J.T. rolled his chest against her and Carrie felt her nipples draw up tighter. They stabbed into full, male muscle and she gasped. Lowering his face, he drank the sound, teased her bottom lip with this tongue, swiped it past her teeth and into the cavern of her mouth. A short quick claiming that stole her breath. When he drew back, smiling faintly, Carrie struggled to catch her breath.
He looked like a man who knew a sexy secret. Well, she had a few secrets of her own and he might not think quite so highly of her if he knew.
“I think you’d better let me down, J.T.” she said breathlessly, before she lost her nerve. One more kiss would have her tossing her good sense to the wind. One more taste of him would have her grinding her pussy against him and begging him to take her on the driveway in front of her house.
Was she that starved for sexual contact?
Oh, yeah. She was.
“What are you afraid of, honey? Me?” Obliging her, J.T. stepped back and slowly lowered her down the front of his body. His scent whipped around her, making her dizzy. His body was hard and strong and utterly edible.
She laughed a little. “Your damn right I’m afraid of you. You’re a very scary man and too sexy for your own good. What do they put in those power drinks you’re always endorsing, huh? Testosterone?”
She’d wanted to lighten the moment and knew she’d succeeded when he chuckled and reached into the bed of his truck. He had his bag halfway out when he glanced at her over his shoulder. A dark brow winged up over one eye. “Can I bunk here, Carrie? Or I guess the better question is this: are you involved with anyone? Am I welcome?”
“No. There’s no one.” She noted the satisfied, cat-ate-the-canary look that flashed in his eyes and continued. Yeah, she knew it was a risky proposition for her heart but she was a hospitable southern woman. “And of course, you’re welcome. Please stay, J.T. There’s only one motel in Mesquite Creek and I think they only rent by the hour.”
Yes. Keep it light. Keep it fun. There was plenty of time later to find out just what the hell he was talking about.
J.T. laughed and finally pulled the duffel from the bed of his truck. “A real no-tell mo-tel, hm?”
“That’s about it. “ She headed back toward the house and knew he followed. A little shiver skittered up her spine. He was watching her ass, the sneaky little devil, and she knew it, could feel his eyes exploring her curves. “I have plenty of room.”
“Yeah, I noticed. Nice big house you have here.”
“I like it. It’s quiet. Nobody bothers me out here.” She walked into the house, deep into the massive living room and spread her arms, smiling. “Home sweet home. You like?”
“Mm-yeah. A lot. The place looks like you. Classy but with touches of sweet thrown in.”
Carrie watched him take in her space as an unexpected thrill went through her at his words. He was one of the best parts of her past and his sincere compliment meant the world to her. “How long have you been driving, J.T.? Bet you’re beat.”
He laughed. “Not that beat. I wouldn’t turn down a shower though.”
“God. It’s great to see you. Really. I’m so glad you’re here. A surprise like this really jump starts my heart.”
“You look good. Better than good.”
“You think?”
“Yeah. Completely delicious.” Moving to her, a tiny smile curving his lips, he reached out and ran a finger through the loose, blonde curls that swept her shoulders. “You’ve let it grow. I like it.”
She met those rich, deep eyes and a blast of nostalgia grabbed her, tickled through her chest. Stopping herself from reaching out to pull him back into her arms, she flashed a grin. “Remember how you used to tease me about my short hair?”
He laughed. “You looked like a regular tomboy. Maybe I didn’t tell you often enough how cute I thought you were.”
“Cute, huh? Every woman’s dream description.” Carrie went serious. “I heard you came in third at Miami.”
“Did you watch?”
She shook her head. “You know I can’t watch them anymore.”
“I get that, sweetheart.” His voice lowered an octave, compassion heavy in his words.
“Anyway. I read all about it. Third isn’t too shabby.”
“Um, yeah. Did pretty good. Gearhardt was happy. Got a nice little bonus out of the deal.”
Gearhardt Racing, based in Houston, was J.T.’s boss and, at one time, had been Mark’s as well. “Lots of endorsements, too, I hear.”
J.T. laughed. “Testosterone laced power drinks and a sandwich outfit. A candy company. Not bad.”
Chuckling, shaking her head, Carrie realized how very much she’d missed him. “How long will you be here? Don’t you have stuff coming up?”
He shifted and tucked his thumbs in the pockets of his worn jeans. “I have a couple weeks before heading up to Texas Motor Speedway for the three-hundred. I’ll meet up with the team there. Two weeks too long for you, honey?”
Uncertainty shook her but she couldn’t let him see. It had taken years to come to grips with her past and now, here it was, roaring back into her life. J.T. brought with him a lot of junk she just wasn’t certain she wanted to face right now.
“No,” she whispered. “Two weeks is just fine but, um, it’s taken me awhile to feel comfortable in my own skin again, J.T.” It was hard but she forced herself to look him dead in the eye. “Mark’s my past and I don’t talk about him much.”He gave her a look and moved closer. Cupping her cheek in one big hand, he bent and brushed his lips against hers. For a man who’d made a living out of being fast, he certainly put a lot of slow in his kisses. He kept it brief and smiled down at her. “My being here doesn’t have a goddamned thing to do with Mark. He’s dead and I’m sorry about that but lets leave him where he is, Carrie.”


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