Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arms, legs, fingers and tongues... Oh my!

by Jude Mason

Sam reached around and gripped his lover's ass, squeezing it while he kissed the warm soft lips he'd hungered for. Arms slid around his waist, a hard body pressed against the back of his, an erection slipped between his thighs. His own, jerks upward, dancing along the smooth expanse of skin of his lover's belly.

Okay, if I don't watch it, Sam's going to wind up getting overwhelmed with arms, legs and whatever else can be pushed at him, in him or passed by his mouth. When you're writing menage, or more, it's often a real challenge to get the limbs all in order. I've wound up with too many. I've had characters in impossibly positions, doing impossible things with body parts they don't have. Thank Gawd for editors and proof readers!

I've also seen a few covers with extra limbs. LOL I do adore both reading and writing menage. The possibilities of what and why are endless and the mechanics, while troublesome, are fun to play with. Here's a snippet of what my three lovers in Scorpio Tattoo experienced after a mystery was solved.

Jessica chose that instant to pull her mouth off him. The sudden chill air on his cock took his breath. He shuddered in frustration, but a moment later, sensed her teeth scrape his glans. Looking down, he saw she'd moved. Knelt and eager-faced, she nipped at the tip of Nathanial's cock.

Both men groaned.

Jonathan was enthr
alled. To experience the pleasure of another man was something he'd never dreamed was possible. Her mouth and lips, teasing and tantalizing, were on him, but not. He felt each nip of her pursed lips and each scrape of her teeth as she nibbled on the other man's cock. He gripped the shaft of his own cock and squeezed, desperately trying to hold off the climax that threatened.

Nathanial lunged ahead—his cock sinking into the soft wetness of
her mouth. Jonathan sobbed with the sensation of her sucking. Side by side, yet much more, the two men reveled in the woman's teasing wiles.

Again, she withdrew, moved over, and took Jonathan's cock into her mouth. She sucked him deeply, thoroughly, but only for a moment, before returning to her other lover. She went from one to the other, sucking for a moment, then nibbling on the other, each twitching and groaning for more. Jonathan felt it all. And from the way Nathanial sobbed and groaned beside him, so did the apparition.

It was Nathanial who first put his arm around Jonathan. A warm presence that felt so natural and caring, he didn't at first realize what it was. When he did, Jonathan slid his arm around the slender waist of the surprisingly solid specter.

Jessica stopped her teasing and sat back on her heels to look at them both. He
r smile was radiant, her lips shiny with saliva. The flush of sexual excitement bathed her cheeks and down her neck, covering her chest and the tops of each plump breast. Her nipples were tight little buds of need. And, as if his counterpart had read his mind, they both reached for one at the same time. Pinched and pulled, they sent shockwaves of pleasure through her, and Jonathan felt it all.

Sigh, to me, two guys into each other along with a woman is pretty much the hottest mix there is. If you add changeling to that mix, I'll be drooling. But, you have to get the limbs and attributes right. When it works, it's amazing! Here's a taste of Feral Heat the first book in the Untamed Hearts series and the first collaboration between Jamie Hill and myself.

“Answer him,” snarled Aric. He lifted her bodily, denying her the pleasure of Kai’s thigh, but not his mouth. “Please,” she moaned, twisting her body, trying, it seemed, to connect with Kai again.

“Just answer.” Kai’s mouth was still full of her teat. One last flick of his tongue and he let it go. Her torment wasn’t over. He dropped to his knees between her feet. The muscles in her belly tensed as his lips touched her. He lavished her with soft kisses and licks from just below her large round breasts to her navel. For a moment he twirled his tongue into the indentation before moving down and nipping the soft flesh of her lower belly.

The woman-scent of her thrilled him, drew him lower.

“Oh please,” she begged, thrusting herself firmly against Kai’s face.

Backing away, he demanded, “Talk or I stop.”

“It’s all Dagen’s fault. He sent me. He told me to say he was going to lead the tribe. He said it was his right to rule. That he was stronger, a better leader than you.”

“He did, did he?” Aric’s voice was low and filled with anger.

Sobbing, Sable replied, “Yes, he’s craz
y.” She pushed her pelvis forward as if seeking Kai’s mouth. “Please, don’t stop.”

You haven’t told it all.” He backed away, hopefully enough for her to see him reach down and stroke his shaft. Watching her, he smiled when her eyes travelled down his body. His cock pulsed, and he tightened his grip around the base.

From behind the struggling woman, Aric said, “Bastard. You’re killing me.”
Kai looked past Sable, chuckling at the expression on Aric’s face. His lover was horny, and so was he. One way or another, they’d fuck soon.

Phew, all the arms and legs worked...and it's getting warm in here. I do love menage. Has anyone ever written or read a book where the number of limbs was in question? Or the position the characters got into just wouldn't work?


  1. I know I've read menages where it took me a bit of reading then re-reading to figure out the positions in my head. If I can't picture it then the scene just doesn't work for me.

    There are times too that even one-on-one sex scenes take me a bit. It s "he did what while she was where?" kind of thing.

  2. Brandy, thanks for dropping in.

    I completely agree with you. It's even worse when it's your own writing. LOL I find if I can really get into that 'zone' I've got a better chance of getting it right. Then, I trust my writing partner, editors and proofers to catch the mistakes. Crossing fingers that I don't confuse readers... ugh!


  3. You trust me? Ah, geez, I thought you were watching out for that stuff.... LOL

    Just kidding. I think you do an amazing job, and Scorpio Tattoo was a wonderful read! Highly recommended.


  4. JUDE!!!!!!

    I screwed up! I pushed the wrong button and bumped you down! I'm sorry. You can take time off my spot tommorrow, I'm not sure how to fix this.

    Sorrysorrysorry. I'm stupid to live. Help me!

    Prince of Inadequate Light

  5. Jude. . .


    Fixed it.

    Damn I'm smart.

    ... oops.


  6. Jamie,

    Uh, you mean you weren't watching? Oh my!


    We work well together, lady. Thanks for dropping in.


  7. Garce,

    You're a mad man! Uh, oh wait, I could maybe practice some dastardly things on you. Yes, that's it. A pound of flesh and all that. Do you think you're lady would mind? I promise to return you relatively able to function. LOL

    Seriously, things happen and if you post early, it's not a huge deal. Hopefully people will read whatever, and whoever is up there.

    So, do I get my guinea pig...err...test subject...err... well you know what I mean. LOL


  8. Yep, arms and legs and lots of other body parts all over the place. I almost always end up tilting my head on the side and trying to work out what's going on when I read my own attempts at menages back.

    The other thing that gets me is POV. Everyone always seems to want to tell their story during every sex scene. Makes for some pretty epic events, lol.

    Take care,

    Kim Dare.

  9. I hate it when I have to get out the bendy dolls. An early crit partner didn't believe me when I told her there was no way the guy could have reached around with his right arm, because the woman was lying on it the way she'd written it. She kept insisting it was correct -- until I told her to try it with her husband that night. She did. And admitted her error.

    I usually have hubby check my scenes -- it's generally a case of 'can he see/reach that from there?' And I only have two sets of limbs to deal with.

  10. Jude, too funny and too real. I've been critiquing a story lately that has me wondering who's body parts are whose, and how many people are there exactly in this scene. It's confusing, and takes work to get right.

    Yet when these scenes are done right, they pack quite a wallop. Glad to see you write them so well ;)


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