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To fans of Ann's...Oh My!

By Ann Cory

Posted by Jude Mason

I’ve been writing since I realized the magic of a crayon when I saw my mother sign her name all fancy at the bottom of a picture in my coloring book. Other than creative writing assignments, and articles for the school yearbook and paper, my poetry and short stories were written for myself. I filled notebooks, journals, and any loose scraps of paper I could find with words.

Fast forward many – okay many many years and my then fiancé/now husband encouraged me to turn in some of my work for publication. I looked at him like he’d grown a second head. Did he mean share my personal and very private words with other people? Put myself and my voice out there to be judged and picked apart? The horror!

Still, the thought intrigued me and I sent off my poetry. Each piece was picked up in one form or another, a few went into print and a few went online. Then I followed suit with short stories and had a website created to post the links of where my work could be found. A few weeks went by and I received about a half-dozen emails with supportive and encouraging words. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I phoned hubby, sobbing as I read him the emails. He asked how it felt to have fans, and without hesitation I answered that it was one of the best feelings in the world.

Last week Jude Mason threatened me into being a guest at the Oh Get a Grip blog, and said she’d out me on how many pounds of chocolate I consume in a year if I declined. Since that little secret can’t get out, I agreed. I was worried about what torture and abuse would be thrust on me from those deviants of Oh Get a Grip, so imagine my surprise when I was asked to write up a post about what I’d like to tell my fans. Phew, now that’s an easy one!

I would like to tell my fans thank you and that I appreciate their patience, support and continued readership. They are the ones who motivate me to keep writing even when I’m feeling miserable inside, frustrated with the real world, grieving over a loss in the family, and when I forget to take care of myself. In many ways I feel we’re taking a journey together, and I look to them for guidance. I care what they think. I want to know if they didn’t like a book or a character. I want to know if something I wrote moved them or made them not want to put the book down. I’m a student of life and of my craft. Each day I’m learning, trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. So I’m serious when I say that I welcome feedback, regardless of what it is.

I lead a solitary life as a writer and am painfully shy, so it’s nice to stop in a chat and hear that someone is excited about a book I have coming up or was just released. It’s nice to see a name I recognize and see someone type “hi Ann” because years later I still get nervous at chats. I still stress over each and every story I submit. Sometimes my thick skin has a tiny rip in it and the sting of a rejection gets in there. The fans help patch that rip right up.

I still don’t know my intended path or the direction my writing will take, but with the support of my fans that journey doesn’t seem quite so scary.

To the fans, I thank you and appreciate each one of you.


And now for a special treat. Ann has a new book out and I know you'll want to hear about it.

Healing Hartley

Book #1 in the Vengeful Vixen Series

by Ann Cory

Publisher: Total E-Bound

Erotic Rating: Total-e-burning
Genre: Ménage à Trois/ Paranormal/ Historical
Cover art by: Lyn Taylor
ISBN: 978-1-907010-15-6


It will take more than one man to heal Hartley from her turbulent past.

Hartley longs to move on from a past of hurt and betrayal, but her anger still runs deep. She seeks healing and vengeance. With the help of two handsome witches who know just how to please, and a spell of dark magic, she just might get both.

Raithe and Faramir will do anything for their beautiful vixen, Hartley. A challenge they are more than up for both in and out of the bedroom.

Besides, a woman would be a fool to find fault with being sandwiched between two loyal and masterful lovers.

Excerpt from: Healing Hartley

Hartley woke from her restless sleep with a renewed sense of self. Today she would carry out the plan she'd spent a year readying for. A plan to once and for all put an end to the power he had held over her for far too long.

Delicious heat radiated from the two bodies sidled up close on either side of her. Their breath warm and slow against her shoulders, cocks nestled in soft erections against her thighs. Mornings had become interesting since she found herself in their home. Near death, she'd reached out with her mind, hoping someone, anyone, would hear. And they had. Two male witches with the power to shape-shift at will. They'd answered her call and spirited her away on their black raven wings, rescuing her from the man who had betrayed her.

She looked to her right where Raithe lay, his face set in a peaceful repose. A faint shadow of stubble bordered his full, pale lips. Long, black hair draped across his cheek and came to a tangled mass along his muscular chest and shoulder. He'd established himself in the beginning as her fierce protector and loyal seducer. Insisted that he would save himself only for her and be at her beckon call. His powers sent her to new heights that allowed her to experience both a body and mind fuck that kept her senses ablaze around him.

Raithe's intuitive gift helped her stay grounded at the right times, but he knew when she craved escape.

A deep sigh emitted from his throat, and he rested his hand on her belly. In that instant, her body awakened with desire. Her mouth twitched at the thought of running her tongue along his rich, tawny skin. The handsome beast looked even more appetising this morning. But it wasn't just one man who made her body burn. Hartley switched her gaze to Faramir and noticed the wicked smile fixed on his lips, no doubt the result of a racy dream. It was a rare moment when sex didn't occupy his mind. She watched him sleep and let her gaze travel along his high cheekbones, mocha-coloured skin, smooth chest and well-defined arms. His aura exuded a potent sexuality. He was a machine with a libido that didn't stop. Not that she ever complained. A woman would be a fool to find fault with being sandwiched between two very giving and doting lovers.

Hartley rested her head comfortably on the pillow and stared at the ceiling, willing them to wake up. With their hands on her body, she couldn't think straight, and she had a big day planned. They'd somehow, unknowingly, charged her very core with electricity and made her want sex like she would die if she didn't have it soon. Impatience gnawed at her. For now, she'd have to wait, captive between the two men who'd taught her how to unleash her inner witch, reclaim her natural gifts and restore her trust in love.

Raithe stirred and pulled into her, the tip of his cock harder than it had been moments ago. "I sense a change in the air," he murmured, his deep voice vibrating through her.

"Today is the day," she stated with absolute certainty.

Faramir woke, too, and smoothed his hand along her arm. "Are you nervous, love?"

She sighed. "I'd be lying if I said no."

"Just know that you are at your strongest," Raithe soothed. "You've worked hard to get where you are. You're one step closer to being truly healed."

She nodded, his words empowering her. "Yes, but without your guidance and support, I'd be lost. I'm lucky to have you both in my life."

Raithe propped up on his elbow, his hair splaying along his chest. "Remember, should you need us, we'll be there. All you have to do is call."



To learn more about Ann and her upcoming works, check out the links below.

~Ann Cory

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  1. Hello, Ann,

    Welcome to the Grip! Thanks for sharing the path you took to being a writer.

    I was touched by your comments about being shy. I think that many authors feel the same way. Writing is a way for us to reach out.

    Your excerpt made my earlobes tingle. (That's good!)


  2. Hey Ann!

    Wonderful blog post! Jude promised you'd be sharing chocolate, so...*tapping toe*

    The excerpt was great, best of luck on this and all your releases!



  3. *Waves at Ann!*

    Yes, lovely excerpt and gang, you should see how much chocolate this woman can put away. Jeeze, I thought I was good. She makes me look like an amateur...hehe! Oh and confetti, this woman is the Queen of it.

    Ann, I'm thrilled you joined us and what an awesome peek into who you are. Nice lady, even if you are a lil weird.


  4. Thank you Lisabet :) I agree, tingling earlobes are a very good thing!

    I am so shy I have to spend about 10 minutes before a chat doing a breathing exercise so I don't get a panic attack, lol. Sometimes I have to leave a chat because the anxiety gets to me too much. I wish I wasn't that way but hopefully it will get better over time :)

    Thank you so much for having me here!!

    ~Ann :)

  5. Hi Jamie! Thank you sweets :) Yes, the chocolate's my vice I'm afraid. Most of the time I eat dark chocolate, but I sure love those Ferrero Rocher candies with the chocolate and hazlenuts. YUM!

    *hugs and confetti*


  6. Hey Jude - now woman, you weren't supposed to give up that chocolate-filled info (my turn to tap foot). But - I suppose it was only a matter of time. :)

    Thank you so much for inviting me here as a guest - I feel very honored.

    About that weird've no idea ;) LOL!! *hugs you fab lady you*


  7. It's interesting how many authors are shy. I thought I was the only one. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

    Great Post, Ann. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Ann,
    I enjoyed your comments about becoming an author. I never thought about authors being shy. I would have never guessed. I enjoy your stories very much. I've added this story to my TBB list.

  9. Hi Ann!

    Great post. I was also impressed by what you said about being shy. This seems to be such a common trait of writers I wonder if it has a functional purpose, if the two things go together for a reason.

    Nice to see you at our little blog.


  10. Thanks Shiela :) At some point I'd love to go to RT, I'm hoping I can muster up enough courage to go, lol.

  11. Waving hi back at Phyllis!! Thanks so much :) It's always good to *see* you hon!! *tossing confetti*

  12. Hi Garce :) I ended up doing a lot of extra credit work in school because I could never get up in front of people and give speeches. Had hoped I'd grow out of it but never did, lol.

    Thanks so much for saying hi!

  13. Hi, Ann!! Great blog....and can't believe you're are so friendly and outgoing online, lol. You're a pleasure to know!!
    ~~~~~~~~~~tossing lots of confetti for your new release, Congrats~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  14. Aww, thank you Melissa - that means a lot to hear :) Lol - I do try very hard. But if there was a webcam on me, you'd see my hands shaking like crazy, me dabbing my forehead with a cloth, and hearing me tell myself to "just breathe" :)


  15. Hi Ann,

    Sorry I'm so late - just got back from a weekend away without the net, so I'm just catching up.

    Great post. And Healing Heartly looks fantastic.

    Kim Dare.


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