Saturday, March 12, 2011

Three Men That Have Inspired My Writing

After my last experience blogging at OGAG, I felt sure I wouldn't be so lucky with topics again. And yet, when the awesome Charlotte Stein told me what this week's topic was, I giggled with delight. Yes, literally.

I mean, eyecandy inspiration? As a frequent luster-of-hot-men, this blog post practically wrote itself.

So, without further ado, I give you my top three hot guys of all time and the stories they have inspired. (Note: The list of hot guys is naturally much, much longer, but I realise you haven't got all week).

1. Jared Padalecki.

My number one, absolutely madly-obsessive object of lust. He's 6ft4, built like a brick shit house, has hair you just want to pull (in a nice way of course) and a smile (with dimples) to die for. Oh, and he plays Sam Winchester in one of my favourite shows, Supernatural. What's not to love?

So... what did he inspire? Well, there are quite a few smutty stories I've penned that feature very tall, well-built guys. But one instance where the guy has basically been taken from real life and inserted into a story is Just Couldn't Wait, my story from Uniform Behaviour.

I totally just took Jared, dressed him in a posh waiter's uniform, shoved him into my story and let the female lead seduce him. And it was delicious. The story was so much fun to write because I barely had to visualise the male character. He was already stuck in my pervy brain in all his glory. Which leads me to...

2. Jensen Ackles.

Good buddy and Supernatural co-star of previous lust object. Ackles plays Dean Winchester in the show. He's not quite so tall or bulky but, as you can see, still absolutely smoking hot. He has a smile that would make you melt and eyes you could stare into forever. Which is how he found his way into my story Succubus Comes Home, which is featured in the upcoming Cleis Press anthology, Dream Lover.

I took Ackles' on-screen persona of the oldest Winchester brother and put him in a bar, where he got picked up by a succubus on the prowl. But don't worry, he's a big guy, he can look after himself. He was an awesome character to write, and given some comments I've had about his description, I think it turned out well!

3. Alexander Skarsgard.

Here we have another giant of a man – do you see a pattern emerging? You've probably also sussed out my TV watching habits, too. Yes, I'm a True Blood fan, and a fan of Eric Northman in particular. He's a Viking vampire; cool, calculating and scary as hell. So, what did I do with this 6ft something, blonde haired, blue eyed alpha male? I made him into a submissive.

Yes, in a move that surprised even myself, my as-yet-unpublished BDSM story Punish Me Good features a submissive vampire. I wanted to write something that took vampire lore and twisted it. Most vampires are portrayed as strong, fast and powerful – and very much in charge. So I turned this perception on its head and was quite pleased with the resultant story. I just hope the publisher I submitted it to is impressed too – watch this space!

So there you have it, just a snippet of how my TV watching habits and smutty mind result in lots of Google Images searches, naughty Twitter conversations, and oh, some erotic stories. I just hope you find them as hot as they're intended to be!

Thanks again, OGAG-ers, for having me. And readers, I'd love to know your top 3 lust objects and whether they've inspired you creatively. I wonder if some of the same names will crop up? Only time will tell...


Lucy is a graduate of the University of Derby, where she studied Creative Writing. During her first year, she was dared to write an erotic story - so she did. It went down a storm and she's never looked back. Lucy has had stories published by Cleis Press, Noble Romance, Ravenous Romance and Xcite Books. She is also the editor of Uniform Behaviour - Steamy Stories About Men and Women in Uniform. Find out more at Alternatively, find her on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Hi, Lucy,

    Welcome back to OGG! I see you and Charlotte have much in common...

    What does it say about me that I've never heard of any of these guys (not to mention seen them)?

    Never mind...;^)


  2. Lisabet - you seriously need to check these guys out! Even if the shows they're in aren't your sort of thing, there's plenty of Google Images goodness to make you drool.

    Lucy x

  3. That is the best pic of Alexander I've ever seen. Thank you! As for "my" guys - give me aloof and dangerous. Bottoms up: David Beckham. SoloPlay: Daniel Craig. For a contemporary under another name: Johnny Depp, but only because he was looking particularly unattainable. Love that eye candy/brain rush.

  4. Blah blah blah words, blah, MANCANDY!


    O HAI. I are professional writar. Honest.

    *continues drooling*

  5. Asking to choose between J-Pad and Askars is like making me choose between my parents. Hmm...I'd like to submit to Askars and Dominant J-Pad. Jensen can watch.

    Everybody's happy. :)

  6. Miranda - glad you like!

    Scarlett - the words are interesting too, honest! They're smutty ones!

    Tiffany - good choice! I like your thinking ;)

  7. Fantastic choices, Lucy!

    Some of my guys are just totally obscure. Sometimes it's not even about physique or looks, it's whatever character they're playing. I'm kind of weird that way.

    James Marsden. Sue me, but I would do Cyclops in a heartbeat. (Don't tell the hub - he's DC, not Marvel. He'd find that more unforgivable than my interest in Marsden.)

    Matt Keeslar. This is not a guy who's gotten around much. We saw him in a prematurely canceled series called The Middleman. He plays a completely white-bread kind of guy, but he's enough that you just want to snap some furry cuffs on him and spend a weekend corrupting the heck out of him.

    I haven't used James yet, but Matt's going to make an appearance soon. I haven't decided yet about the handcuffs. :D


  8. I highly approve of your choices, but somehow, I'm sure you knew I would. ;)

    Jensen Ackles (heavily) inspired Jude in my menage, Cuffed and Dangerous. I swear that story wrote itself. :D

  9. Elizabeth - I get James, totally. Even though he's a little whiny in X-Men, and not quite as hot as Hugh Jackman, I wouldn't say no ;)

    Bronwyn, of course I did. And interesting about the divine Jensen. I must check out that book ;)


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