Tuesday, May 8, 2018

#Trancend - a truly stunning and memorable read #WhathaveIbeen reading?

Hi Grippers. It’s that time when we reflect on what page-turners have caught our attention recently. So, here’s my review of a book recommended to me by one of my beta readers. Karen has excellent taste, I know this because she likes my books! So when she told me to check out Trancend by Jewel E. Ann I was happy to give it a go. I’m glad I did.

I love reading. Don’t we all? It’s every writer’s first love, I suspect. However, it’s been a while since I put off doing other stuff because I was so gripped by a book that I couldn’t put it down and stayed up late at night to finish it. I just did all of that though, for Jewel E. Ann’s powerful and mysterious Trancend. This is the first book in a duet, and yes, I immediately went onto Amazon and one-clicked the sequel.

Jewel E. Ann is a new writer to me, but I’m a fan now and I'll
be working through her back catalogue. She is one seriously talented author. Her writing is simply stellar, poetic, beautiful, uplifting and insightful. The emotional connection she crafts between the characters is exquisitely done.

This is a fascinating story around the theme of reincarnation with plenty of suspense and mystery thrown in. The author scatters little clues and intriguing details throughout the narrative. It’s a sexy love story but explores so many facets of love at the same time.

In a nutshell, a successful university professor finds himself a lone parent with a newborn baby to care for. He hires a nanny, a well-qualified and likable young woman who adores his little girl on sight. But Swayze seems to know things she shouldn’t, couldn’t. She can tell him details of his life that happened before she was born, and sometimes things even he doesn’t know. Could she really be the reincarnated ‘soul’ of his childhood friend?

This is a story of powerful emotion, sexual attraction, love and deep, grievous loss. Jewel E. Ann explores all of those themes brilliantly and there were several points in the story where I just had to lay my kindle down and think. Other reviewers (and there have been many) have described the book as inventive and original. It’s all of that, certainly, but for me it was more. It was a brief and authentic glimpse into the inner thoughts and feelings of a woman who wants above all else to do the right thing. Swayze is loyal and loving, but with a core of steel.

This is a book to appeal to readers who enjoy sexiness and emotional content, but with characters who are intelligent, considerate and courageous. It’s a unique story and it will stay with me. It’s a rare gem, truly stunning.


  1. Sounds really interesting, Ashe! The reincarnation theme definitely sounds original.

  2. I agree with Annabeth. The theme of being reborn is fascinating. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. You've definitely made the story sound appealing. I like the cover, too.

    I've toyed with the notion of a story featuring reincarnation. Haven't gotten around to it yet (like so many ideas...!)

  4. To my surprise, I rather like the cover, too, even though my eyes generally glaze over at yet another nude male torso on a book cover. At least this one doesn't look cast in tropical-tan plastic. And the description of the book is intriguing.

  5. Definitely a plot premise that could go places.


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