Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Bodhi Tree

(My unveiling is that I've been going through a pretty rough patch, but I'm getting on the other side of it these days.  One thing about rough patches - you can really write your ass off.  I'm studying poetry craft.  This is a poem I wrote recently while sitting under the shady tree where I meditate, on an especially rough morning)


I'm going to miss you someday
when all this is over.

I may make pilgrimages to visit you
and spread out the meditation cushions
just like old times, these times
mornings like this one.

The morning will come when I will hardly remember.
But not just yet.

Mornings like this one
where I sit beside my sinking self
close the eyes, and let the blue pain roll
like glorious waves of soul
as sharks try to be dolphins.

 I will remember, like a war holiday
and uncap a beer and pour some of it on the ground
over your roots bickering old buddy,
let the brass band play
as the great parade of the newly liberated marches by.

Those three young trees over there,
I used to meditate there at first.
Each is more beautiful than you will ever be.
But three trees is too many.
How can you love three trees?
Like having three wives.
No, one plain looking tree is enough.
I have one tree, not much of a tree,
to love well.
Better to love one well.

I will miss you, though I will not miss these moments.

like dead leaves passing under an old bridge.
I will be cheaply sentimental
when they have lost their knives.

I sit beside myself in your shade
which does not judge me
which is why I love you.

Look - that bird has my wings. 


  1. Dearest Garce -

    As is so often the case, you have brought tears to my eyes.

    I hope the pain is passing.

    1. I'm still trying to get on the other side of it, i think it's part of a larger journey which is largely invisible to anyone but me. I take refuge in your affection my dear old friend and mentor. I'll be all right. I think I'm just taking creative advantage of my angst after a long period of being in creative doldrums from having it emotionally to easy, where you never discover anything about your true self. Be nice when it's over and i can be boring and complacent again.

  2. Exquisite. And deeply moving. I wish you didn't have to go through such pain, but I'm in awe of your skill.

    1. Sacchi! I'm coming back to this a little late because i didn't anyone had read it.

      I'm discovering poetry. Like a violin string,a stretched soul sings. So this is my time to sing.

      Thank you Sacchi! I appreciate it very much right now.

  3. Garce, I'm the one who was late. I just got around to commenting last night, after over a week bookended by unusual (for me) travel requiring extensive preparation. No more of that for a while, though, so I'll have to think of some other excuses when I'm slow to respond even when I want to.


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