Thursday, February 21, 2019

Banned Books #AgePlay #Taboo #Erotica, a post by @GiselleRenarde
Quality erotica can be hard to find—especially now that many booksellers are banning adult fiction they deem obscene. The Banned Books Box Set showcases three censored stories in which consenting adults explore ageplay and taboo sex.

I wrote that book blurb in 2013, when I released the Banned Books Box Set. It was true then. It's even truer now.

When I released that book at Amazon, I decided not to take any chances. Rather than calling it Banned Books Box Set, I called it Pushing Boundaries--which is what brought it to mind today.

Before setting out to write this post, I opened the document where I keep all my metadata and buy links for the book. When I pulled up the Amazon link, guess what?

My Banned Books Box Set had been... banned.

I'm not exactly surprised. I guess I'm more surprised I didn't know. This has been the trend with other retailers, but Amazon usually tells you when you've been naughty. A lot of other ebook stores just quietly remove your evil erotica and hope you never notice.

What's in this book that's so ban-worthy? Three things I'd written that had been banned when they were first released. The first is a lesbian sleep sex story called "Stripping My Son’s Sleeping Girlfriend." Banned for its name, its content, and the nudity on its cover.

The second is a taboo novella by Lexi Wood called "Dance for Daddy, Salome!" It's gone by other names, too. "Dance, Salome, Dance!" is one, I think. I've lost track, but it's a book set in the 70s, about a dirty-dancing girl who first sleeps with her stepbrother, and then with her stepfather. I'm pretty sure I stole the plot from the Bible, but who remembers?

Number three is the book I can't forget. It's "Nanny State," one of my absolute favourites. Lesbian landlady/college girl(s) D/s, ageplay, ABDL, all sorts. That is one DIRTY book, but, to me, its contents never seemed terribly taboo. Maybe I'm just massively fucked up--in fact, I know I am--but any sex that happens between consenting adults doesn't seem all that awful. Even if one of them's dressed up in diapers. Even if they spank each other in schoolgirl uniforms.

A couple weeks ago, I reached out to a new distributor to ask them about their limitations around adult content. I'd rather know their rules from the outset than accidentally break them and get dinged for it after the upload.

Anyway, I was surprised to see ageplay and ABDL on their list of topics your work can't contain if you're distributing books through them. I guess my Banned Books Box Set won't be heading their way.

I just found it kind of sad, because Nanny State is kind of my masterpiece of nastiness. Poor little Nanny State. Poor little banned books. So much dirty smut the reading public of the future may never get to see.


  1. What's ABDL?

    I loved Nanny State! That remains one of my all-time favorite pieces of erotica.

    What distributor are you talking about? Definitely want to steer clear of them.

  2. This is sad news, Giselle/Lexi. I wonder if you could avoid having a distributor at all and advertise to readers directly -- but that would require a platform of some kind.


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