Saturday, June 21, 2008

Guest author: Katie Blu

Today the Oh Get a Grip! crew welcomes guest author Katie Blu, all the way from Down Under:

I reckon I don’t have much to add to the thoughts already posted. My take on marriage is right limited as I’m not married. A fellow will come along one day to whom I will consider turning the key to my freedom over but until then I’d have to be mad to shackle myself until I’m ready. That’s not to say there isn’t a reason to find someone to share yourself with. Just I haven’t found him.

I’m not sold on there being only one kind of commitment. I believe commitment comes in many forms, not just marriage. I support relationships and see that my characters all feel likewise. My project at hand is a m/m, vampire/were with touches of ménage. I would challenge a reader to say the two heroes are not in a committed, loving relationship.

Perhaps marriage is not a requirement for a satisfying ending to a book. Perhaps that is the workings of the industry we write for. My thought is that if you have that loved one whose heart beats in time with yours, the question of marriage is no longer a goal. It is an agreement of legal proportions but not the final word on what works for some couples. Are they happy? Does their relationship hinder you in any way? Does the recognition of a m/f relationship earn a dominant role above m/m or a loving ménage? Did some government official decide this and under what pretense?

Having touched that subject then, on to something I can discuss. Books. I released my first ever short story in the March Caveman Anthology, Jewels of the Nile Vol. 1 to solid reviews. The second, Surprised by Desire, an Oh Yum! was released in May. My next, Beloved Brother will release on July 4th. I also write for Total-E-Bound with a release August 18, Office Politics. To tie back into the topic of the week, all the characters address commitment of a kind. Click on the cover to buy the book
Here’s a HOT clip of my upcoming release from Ellora’s Cave, Beloved Brother JULY 4:

Phoebe Marks squeezed further into the shadows of the wraparound porch, trying as hard as she could not to pant in unison with Mrs. Gilfoy who keened low and fast with each thrust from her lover. Mrs. Gilfoy, her back to Phoebe, had her sexy black dress pulled up around her neck. Her body glistened like polished alabaster in the moonlight.

Her lover’s fingers dug into her hips. Mrs. Gilfoy’s bottom hopped on the banister with each impaling thrust from his lusty cock. The top of his dark head on her shoulder told Phoebe he nuzzled against Mrs. Gilfoy’s neck as she clung to his broad shoulders.

Heat pooled between Pheobe’s legs. Her breath caught at the shuddering squeal of release when the lover pounded harder and faster into Mrs. Gilfoy, not stopping until he grunted his own satisfaction.

It was the first time she’d actually seen him fuck someone. Phoebe had imagined it many times in the last two years, but never like this. Never the primal drive to screw she had just witnessed. Her breath was still coming hard as she watched Jared reclothe Mrs. Gilfoy and tug her hem into place. His hand drifted over her ass as he walked her to the door.

Phoebe’s thighs throbbed, her body clenched deep inside. She’d seen him neck her best friend in high school. She’d even watched him cup one girl’s breast, stroke over it, making her kiss him with frenzied intensity. That was college. Phoebe’s nipples had contracted tightly at that. And there had been the time she’d seen his car in the parking lot outside his dorm building, rocking vigorously beneath a tree. But Jared Larabie, her new step-brother, had never made her ache so badly, before tonight.

Mom had to be crazy to marry his dad. What’s worse was she hadn’t given Phoebe any notice—just up and married him in a courthouse. Not that Phoebe begrudged her remarrying after the way Dad ran off, but did she have to marry the father of her daughter’s nemesis? The guy who’d made high school hell and college life torture once she’d looked past his mocking sneer to his handsome face and still had to hate him for past sins?

Okay, she’d been at the bar celebrating her twenty-first birthday and had made the odious mistake of hitting on the sexiest man who’d walked in the door. Imagine her horror when she’d quit staring at his hot bod long enough to take a gander at his face. Two years ago. Two years and that instant attraction after years of avoidance hadn’t left her, damn him.

When Mom called to announce the wedding today, Phoebe had dropped everything to come home. It appeared Jared had done the same. She eyed Mrs. Gilfoy. Well, maybe not everything. The only dropping he’d done on Mrs. Gilfoy was her panties. Phoebe stifled a snort.

Mrs. Gilfoy kissed Jared goodnight and slipped into her house. It was then Pheobe realized Jared knew she was there. His gaze locked on her through the shadows and he smirked. His loping gait brought him to the spot where he’d fucked Mrs. Gilfoy into next week. Leaning on the banister, Jared stared into the shadows where Pheobe stood.

“Did you get a good look, Phoebe?”

And a HOT clip of my upcoming release from TEB, Office Politics (unedited) AUGUST 18:

He froze when he made the corner and saw Betsy in his chair, her slick pussy lifted to the world, her fingers stroking over glistening curls. She moaned softly with her head thrown back, her lips parted, and her glasses askew over tightly shut eyes. Max’s fingers clenched on his briefcase. He closed his eyes thinking his fantasy life had developed way out of control. He reached down and adjusted his suddenly attentive cock.

He forced his mind to think of the woman as he saw her every day. Betsy was a serious woman with a fantastic work ethic, not an erotic poster girl. Okay, maybe his idea of an erotic poster girl, but it had something to do with the shoulder length curly hair and the funky horn-rimmed glasses, one played off the other. It was sassiness and brains and fuck if it wasn’t sexy. Her smart approach to the magazine industry made her a tough competitor for the editor’s position. There was no chance he was going to let her get it. It also simply wasn’t possible Betsy was sitting in his chair moments before midnight in an empty office, stroking her pussy. It just wasn’t.

I hope you enjoyed the clips!


  1. Thanks for stopping by, katie! Love the clips and I agree--government approval does NOT signify happily-ever-after.

  2. Hear hear!!

    Love the clips Katie and nice to see you aren't limited on what your HEA entails. Now if you could have posted a bit of your m/m were/vamp that could have been tasty too. Just sayin'.

  3. Excellent point. Without commitment, there is no relationship.

  4. Great post, Katie. I couldn't agree more with your points.

  5. I appreciate the flog! I've little experience with promoting and your group has given me an additional footing. Thank you. If you need a guest blogger again, you know where I can be found.

  6. Hey Katie! Glad you came over to blog with us. Love the juicy excerpts and yes, I agree, commitment is license needed for a HEA.


  7. Understatement :D

    'guest from down under' :D :D

    I feel that for any relationship to be successful, a few basic truths have to be recognized.One is that nobody is born for another. The second is that nobody is here to fulfil your ideals of how he/she should be.The third, that you are the master of your own love, and you can give as much as you want, but you cannot demand love from the other person, because nobody is a slave.
    If these simple facts are understood, then it does not matter whether you are married or unmarried, you can be together.

    Those are pretty interesting blurbs! You have a unique style of expression that is dynamic & powerful!
    I like the love scenes laced with suspense here. They provide a double treat of love making & adventure!
    Bravo, well done! You deserve your success!