Friday, June 27, 2008

Three the Hard Way

Well, I had a post all prepared for this morning, but when I went to upload it from my thumb drive… it was gone. I’ve tried to recreate it as best I can on short notice, but if you find it halting and poorly written, I must beg forgiveness and promise to try to do a better job next week.

The ménage, that dirty little secret, that fantasy many have, but few will admit, this is the topic of the week and those who’ve came before me have done a remarkable job of covering this issue from all angles. Well, almost every angle…

Maybe it’s because I’m odd, maybe it’s because I’m just wired this way, but m/m/f does absolutely nothing for me. Always one to keep an open mind, I’ve tried to become interested in it, tried to see it from a character’s point of view, but I’m just not into it.

Why on earth would I say something like that, especially knowing full well, that some of my friends from this very blog, write about this exact type of relationship? Because as a writer, even though the books with m/m/f are very popular right now, I’ll never be able to write one, because my personal preferences would surely bleed down to my characters and the result would be meh at best.

Now the f/f/m scenario is a different matter all together.

Picture a time when waterbeds were still popular. Now imagine the bed with all of the sheets and covers tossed to the floor and four industrial sized bottles of strawberry flavored body glide poured on it.

Two women and a man frolic on the slippery surface, their glistening bodies entwined, skin sliding, lips roaming, fingers probing, tongues flicking. And that’s just the foreplay. The center of attention shifts frequently, each of the participants striving to please each other, striving to maintain a balance to be sure the experience is nothing short of bliss for all concerned.

Each person sharing the pleasure of all, each body plunged into near sensory overload, each becoming a part of a whole. When I hear (or read) ménage, this is the image that most often springs to mind.

Now, I’ve never claimed to be an erotic writer (haven’t quite succumbed to the draw of the dark side), but I’ve actually incorporated a ménage scene (or three) into one of my novels that should be coming out next year. It may be the start of a trend. I found I really enjoyed writing these particular scenes. I guess only time will tell…

Regardless of the gender of the participants, I wonder what effect the writing might have on the reader. Does the mere fact that the reader has chosen this story suggest it is already a fantasy that interests them? What if a writer has captured the scene with such vivid imagery and passion (as a good artisan is quite capable of doing), the reader decides they want to give it a try in real life? Fantasy and the actual act are often miles apart as regards to the emotional impact and possibly tangible consequences of indulging in a night (week, month?) of pleasure. Or by choosing to read about the fantasy are they afforded to indulge without the risk of hurting or being hurt by people they care about? Or does it matter at all? We provide the entertainment, what they do with the information afterwards is up to them


  1. I suspect that our entertainment is their safe outlet to enjoy their fantasies. Not too many people actually admit that they've participated in a menage. Although it would be interesting to have real statistics, wouldn't it?

    Excellent blog, James!

  2. Thanks, Anny. I suspect the same. It would be interesting to see the statistics. Maybe we could set up poll? it seems there's a gizmo that will let you do it anon (for those who wouldn't want the world to know their answers) and we could add it to the blog. I should've thought of it earlier, lol.

  3. Ah James. You're such a guy.

    And it's okay to say the m/m/f doesn't do it for you. Can't say f/f/m really flips my switch either, so there you go.

    But thanks for the waterbed image. That's gonna be stuck in my brain allllllll day.

  4. Strawberry Glide?

    Yuck! Such a sticky situation!

    I have begun to wonder whether the Greek orgy is coming back in fashion again least as far as writing & reading are concerned...

  5. lol, yes I am, Cindy. :D As they say, different strokes for different folks (pun intended).

    You're quite welcome with the waterbed scene. I've had that image branded on my mind for nearly twenty years. I guess we never forget our first...

    lol, Mona. At least it was flavored. The only other option was baby oil. Have you ever tasted baby oil? Talk about yuk, lol.

    Did it ever go out of fashion? :D

  6. I think we provide fantasy to our readers...or at least I HOPE we do. In my view, that's what it's all about. Just because I write some kink doesn't mean I indulge in it. LOL. Far from it.

    Think I read somewhere once that men, if they think of menage image f/f/m and just the opposite is the case for women.

    Dang...where are the polls for this stuff. I would seriously love to find some. They have hundreds of these on every subject. I may have to investigate this matter.

    Great post, James. Sorry you lost the first version but this was excellent.

  7. LOL. Oh my gosh. You lost me at the waterbed. Covered in goo does nothing for me come to think of it. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

    The subject matter could have less appeal to you because the whole female in the sea of males thing. You strike me as a dominant guy. I seriously couldn't picture you sharing a woman with another guy (not that I'm picturing. sheesh). Having said that, I don't think you are a menage sort. Maybe a three way with two women, but not by the definitions of menage provided earlier. Your beautiful tribute to your wife suggests menages wouldn't find room in your life with her. Which, by the way, is incredibly sexy for a wife to know.

  8. I write some kink doesn't mean I indulge in it. LOL, Regina. Exactly. That would be like a reader assuming that because I wrote a story from a killer's POV, that I'm also a killer. :D

    Kelly, lol, yep... I couldn't even imagine sharing my wife with another man.

    And you are correct, there is no room for a menage in my life. :D My wife is the center of my universe...