Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seasonal Allergies Can Bite Me!

Hello all! I'm Michelle Houston, the sub guest for the week. : ) Hopefully the planned guest will be feeling better soon. Some of you might remember me from my guest post, way back when the topic was Spring.

I find today's topic all too fitting given that, like Helen and some of the others, I have been ill for the last few weeks. I suffer from "seasonal allergies", some of which are summer ones, others are spring, still others are fall, and then there are some winter ones too.

I remember when I got married, hubby and I promised the whole love, honor and cherish part, nixing the "obey", although I wanted to sub in "promise to do strange and interesting things to your body" but I felt that it wasn't the best idea. We also did the in sickness and in health, I just didn't know that I was in sickness and he was in health. The man never gets sick. Me, I spend about one week every four ill.

The good part though, I don't tend to get strep, the flu, or even colds for the most part. The not so good part, I make up for it with Bronchitus, Sinusitis, and Pnemounia, with the occasional ear infection just for good measure. Basically, anything that allergies can lead to, I suffer from. I just finished up round two of my antibitics a few days ago and I am thankfully cleared up, but I woke up today with a sinus headache. I am really hoping not to start the whole process over again.

As a mom, a wife, working two jobs, writing, and attending college full time I generally have so many things on the burners it is amazing I haven't set the house on fire. : )

Sadly, when I am not feeling well, the writing part of my life is the first to go. But I do have some things on the burner that I am hoping to get back to soon. Provided I survive my "Thanksgiving vacation", which the college has added two days to, so that we have the whole week off, and my professors take it as a person challenge to fill every minute of.

So cross your fingers for me that the house doesn't burn down around me this week and that next I am still feeling well. Cause baby, have I got some ideas. And I am edgy to write. : ) Don't worry though, you will be hearing more from me soon, but I will have to fill you in about all of that later.

Until then, take care and safe health.


  1. Yay Michelle!

    Nice post. I have a hubby like yours. Never sick and always on the go. I'm all for shooting him sometimes. LOL Not really, it just bugs me when I'm feeling like death warmed over, and he's all raring to go do something. UGH!

    Good luck here, Michelle. I'm sure you'll have a blast.


  2. Yikes, Michelle, I'm sorry to hear that you get sick so often... hope this upcoming week is spent in good health. And good luck with everything you have on your plate :)
    Unfortunately, I tend to get sick too often as well... though, my main problems are headaches and migraines... in fact, I feel one coming on *sigh*

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Didn't know you'd still been sick, you must be a quiet complainer, unlike me....*G*

    Hope you're better soon and you can enjoy your holiday!


  4. Seriously, you're to-do list frightens even me!

    Hopefully you are back in the pink of health again soon. Can't wait to see what those upcoming projects are!

  5. Jude - Glad to know that I am not the only one with a hardly ever sick hubby. Although that one time every two-three years he does get sick, he is awful to be around. And Thanks!

    Ali - Ugh! Give me the bronchitus over the migraines any day. I had a sinus infection induced migraine the other day and I couldn't function for two days afterwards. I'm crossing my fingers that your potential migraine was a false alarm.

    Jenna - Only online sweetie. D and hubby have been hearing all about it. : )

    Helen - It's actually not too bad, so long as I don't actually look at the whole list of homework and focus on pockets of it. When I get those done, I move to the next pocket of homework. I did cry the other day when I looked at just how much I have to do since my daughter's first Science Olympiad tournament was today and we have to spend most of the week wrapping up her stuff and pushing all of our homework aside. I do take comfort in that hubby is in almost the some boat with his own homework, although he has maybe half of what I do. HUGS.

  6. Michelle,

    It's great to have you here. With an impressive workload like that I'm sure you're going to bring a wonderful slant to the topics that happen around here.

    I hope the sinus headache isn't developing into something worse.



  7. Ash - Hey babe. : ) So nice of you so worry about me. I'm hanging in there, and I am almost halfway through with one of my project. Whoohoo! LOL

  8. Hello, Michelle,

    You make me grateful for my usual good health. I've had other friends who are allergy prone and I can see that chronic low-level misery is in some ways worse than critical, acute stuff.

    Like all the other Grip folk, we are really looking forward to having you join us as a regular.


  9. Hi Michelle, welcome to the madhouse! Or should I call it a sickhouse right now?

  10. Lisabet - Thanks hon.

    Devon - I think right now it could easily be both. : )