Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sick, sick, sick!

by Jude Mason

No, not the perverted kind of sick, although that's not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps the title should have been Illness Intensified or something.

For years, when I was younger, I spend weeks with bronchial problems during the fall and winter months. When I got a cold, it went to my lungs. When I had flu, it was in my lungs. Also, when I was in my teens, I was sensitive to some moss in the area...yeah, I know, that's crazy...and yes, it went to my lungs as well. I guess I learned to ignore the wheezing and breathlessness after awhile. Surprisingly, I was a very active child and teenager and never spent time in hospital, never even saw the inside of a hospital until I was in my late teens.

They say that every seven years your body completely renews itself, and I believe it. From 0-7, I was pretty healthy. From 7-14, I had the moss sensitivity thing. From 14-21 I had bronchial issues. When I hit 21, my life took a turn for the best. No more lung problems, just raising kids and keeping a house, and all that entails. I remained very healthy then until I was in my late 40's.

I'm back to having a certain amount of lung issues. Also surprisingly, there's no damage to my lungs. I am just prone to congested lungs when I'm ill.

Now, do I write when I'm feeling like someone's sitting on my chest? You bet your sweet bippy I do. I may take a day or two off, but only if I'm really ill. Writing takes me out of myself. If I can immerse myself in a character, I'm not there. I become that person and can simply let my 'self' go. I may still cough or wheeze, but I don't actually hear it. I'm usually by myself so there's no one to ask, 'are you okay,' or 'do you want ...' it's just the character telling his or her story.

Deadlines might be a little more of a hassle if I'm not well. Or I allow them to become more stressful. I'm one of those people who never miss a deadline. So sick or well, I'll meet them. I have a feeling I might write femdom a little more aggressively when I'm not feeling well, but that's about it.

Anyone else have health issues they ignore, or can't ignore when they're under the weather? Hmm, now there's a concept. Under the weather. What weather and how under it can you be?

I'd love to hear comments on this post.



  1. This last bout has been one of your longest since I've known you, and I know you've gotten some thing accomplished while you've been ill. But I think you're like me, it's almost easier to edit or do busy work.

    Scratch that. I KNOW you're like me.



    Feel better.


  2. Jude,

    I've been sending positive thoughts your way whilst you've been poorly, although I'm aware that these are no substitute for good medicines and alcohol :-)

    Your dedication and perseverance are admirable and enviable traits. I'm in awe working alongside such tireless dynamos who don't allow illnesses to triumph.

    I hope you're fully recovered soon.



  3. Jude,

    Hopefully you're feeling better these days! Honestly, when I picked this topic, I did not mean for everyone to get sick for it. I figured it was just me dealing with one illness after another.

    You're a very dedicated writer! Get well soon ;)

  4. Hello, Jude,

    I hope that you'll pour your heart out about femdom next week, when my topic comes up...

    Feel better. That's an order.


  5. Big cyber hug to you, you've had a time of it. So glad to hear that you keep on trucking with your writing.

    I know what you mean about sticking to deadlines, I'm the same way. I'm perpetually early as well, have an issue with people being disappointed in me that carried over from childhood. :)

    Don't know about you, but I feel as though I'm going to have abs of steel by the time this coughing runs its course.

    Oh and to you and Jenna, just finished proofing Good Cop, Bad Cop, kept me very entertained last night amidst my hacking! Nice job!

  6. Hi Jenna,

    Nice to see you here, chickie. Yeah, this one has definitely been ugly. Still fighting it, but trying to ignore the yuck to write sexy stuff. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Ash,

    Thank you for your good thoughts. The alcohol might do me some good. At least I wouldn't care so much...LOL

    Thanks for reading and responding


  8. Helen,

    Maybe it's you who's cursed us. I hope not. But, just in case, could you pick a really hot topic as a test? Hehehe!

    Hope you and your family are better soon too.


  9. Lisabet,

    Femdom is going to be such fun. I could write a book on the topic... no wait, I have... LOL


  10. Devon,

    So sorry you're dealing with this crud too. I'm thinking it's Helen who cursed us. *G*

    Take care and let's hope next weeks topic cheers us all up.


  11. Hey Jude!

    I suppose if I had to work while sick, I would probably focus on rewriting. Fortunately i haven't been really sick for a while. I'm allergic to dust, but you would be the first person I've heard of as allergic to moss. That's interesting.


  12. Hey Garce,

    I remember when the doctor said it. I was pretty young and while I was gasping for breath, it just seemed such a ludicrous thing to be affecting me. I mean, cripes, I lived in the woods. How could I be allergic to something that was so much part of my world.

    Dust. Gulp. If you ever come to visit, please give me a little warning, I may have to clean just a tad. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.