Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Humor or no?

Like Lisabet, this is a topic that's made me squirm. Over the years I've been accused of having no sense of humor, a childish sense of humor and a dry sense of humor. Since I began writing, when I was a child, I've written exactly one humorous piece and while I did send it to several publishers/friends/editors and such, and got a variety of comments. And here, without any further ado, is a tiny piece of my humorous piece:

Dingus, an over-stimulated Horned Brillo Buzzer, was watching Muff and Cunny, also very stimulated Horned BB's, flying overhead towards home. Their sleek blue feathers enhanced the beauty of their slender forms. He thought to himself, 'I've got to do something, and fast or I'll never catch those two,' and so flew after them, being careful not to snag his growing Captain Standish on the branch as he took off.

What Dingus had failed to notice however, was that Muff saw him and told Cunny that he was following. While they both desired Dingus, they wanted to make sure that their joining would be a memorable experience for them all. Landing on the uppermost branch of the home tree, the two fems began planning, and stroking each other in preparation for Dingus' arrival. It was difficult to talk, as you can well imagine, beaks you know… as well as the rapidly growing excitement, but they managed to form a plan.

Minutes later Dingus clumsily landed, but to his dismay, he was quite alone. It seemed as if he was forever, that moment too late and was disheartened, but still incredibly stimulated. His mighty stalk protruded and throbbed before him, threatening to over balance him. (Dingus was a very well hung Horned Brillo Buzzer) Although he ached to pop a nut, he was also terribly tired of the touch of his own wing. So, gazing lustfully around, he searched for some alternative.

Low and behold, he found it, a knothole that reminded him of a furburger. With wicked glee, he approached, his crack haunter leading the way. The tip dripped and his danglers throbbed, he was beside himself with unmitigated desire.

Okay, okay, I'll take pity on you all. Needless to say, Dingus' Adventure never has been published.

I do love it when an author can add humor into his or her works. I'm slightly jealous too, but don't tell. My partner in crime, Jamie Hill has a knack for making her characters come alive, each one with a different sense of humor. Some are wicked and edgy, others are more innocent, while another has a more somber humor. Sigh, she's even added it into the stories we work on together.

Now, limericks I adore, yet even those I have real trouble putting together.

There once was a man from Nantucket
Whose dick was so long he could suck it
He said with a grin
As he wiped off his chin,
"If my ear were a c#%+ I would f@#* it!"

And another, cause I can.

There once was a man from Peru,
who fell asleep in a canoe,
while dreaming of Venus,
he played with his penis,
and woke up with a hand full of goo.

Did I put these together, you might ask. Well, unfortunately no, I've had these stashed on my computer for years. I've no idea where they came from but they're funny.

In real life, I've had a number of hilarious experiences, yet I rarely try to put them into the writing I love so much. I don't tell jokes, I married a man who can tell them by the hour and still makes me laugh hysterically. Why would I tell jokes when I have him around? Yet, there have been moments: making wild passionate love in the early morning when the little ones were supposed to be in bed, sleeping. In the throws of a mind blowing almost orgasm when a little voice asks, "Daddy, why are you making mommy cry?"

OMG! What a way to end a beautiful moment. No, she's still alive. I didn't kill her, but it may be that having my fella on top of me at the time is why.

Life provides us with a plethora (word of the day folks) of humorous moments, yet how many of us don't talk about them? I stumble over jokes, forgetting lines because I'm trying too hard. Knowing what I do wrong, doesn't help. Writing them, I read over what I've written and to me, it's just not funny. Doesn't fit the character, or the moment, or I'm just not sure.

So, Jamie Hill, Helen Madden and all you others who can dip into the humor pot and paint your work in dazzling jokes, I bow to you. And, I thank you for making my reading just that little bit richer and more interesting.

Who likes a bit of humor integrated in your sex?


  1. OMG, you have a talent for making me laugh, I promise you.

    Climbing up off the floor now, I have to say, I don't think it matters if humor is your strong point. It's not what you're going after, IMO.

    You have the ability to describe things so vividly the reader feels like he or she is there. I'm totally jealous of that. I rely on you heavily when we co-author something to fill in that description that I glossed over, just so I could get back to dialogue. We balance each other that way.

    And our IM's are pretty damned funny. You keep me laughing, anyway. *G*


  2. *Makes mental note to avoid any further posts that contain limericks*

    I spent the hour or so after I first read your post trying to remember one I heard years ago. Had to dig the book of them out in the end - which led to far more than an hour remember others, lol.

    Not sure if it did my to-do list for the day any good, but it definiely caused a lot of laughter :)

  3. I love humour intergrated in my sex. Hell, I'll take what I can get.


  4. Hi Jamie,

    Honestly, I don't see me as funny. I'm glad I can make you laugh though. Hubby can make anyone laugh, and I think I'm a little intimidated by his ability.

    Thank you so much for the very kind praise. I do my best, and just hope it works.


  5. Hey Kim... Gotcha. LOL For awhile I ran a group of aspiring authors and the nuts who followed us. We'd get on limerick kicks and some of them were really hilarious. I suck at them, I can get the first four lines, but I'll be da**ed if I can get that last one.

    Hope you didn't kill too much time. *G*


  6. Garce, you're such a bad boy. LOL I really wish I could write it and understand why it was funny. I was raised by English parents who both had dry humor. When it came to the slapstick and whatever of US humor, I was lost. A lot of it just didn't seem funny at all.

    Thanks so much for dropping by. I'm really looking forward to your post.


  7. I love the subtle humor. I am reading a book now that is filled with it. There will be dialog or even prose that isn't particularly funny, but has me rolling on the floor. It might be a generational thing, but not one in 100 would get the joke.

    My wife says I have no sense of humor. That is because what passes for funny for most people just isn't the slightest bit humorous.

    There was a cartoon for children in our local paper when I lived in a small North Carolina town. The cartoon rabbit was named Mighty Funny. When he told a joke that wasn't funny to a five year old a character in the background would say, "That's Mighty Funny."

    I've used that instead of LOL on a couple of occasions.


  8. Ray, you and I should get together. I often look at people telling jokes and wonder when I'm supposed to laugh. I have often laughed to be polite, but felt as if I really missed the boat somewhere.

    I guess humor is a little like beauty. In the eye of the beholder.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.


  9. Shakespeare get to me. Scholars take it so seriously, but to me some of the tragedies are funnier than W.C. Fields.



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