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Quietly I tiptoe...

into the field that is writing BDSM. I look around at all the others who have ventured this way before me, and find it, frankly, intimidating. What the hell am I doing here? Why do I think I can write such a topic? I initially view it almost like writing historical romance--foreign to me, not something I'm interested in, and a lot of research necessary to write it properly.

Then I decide to read some of it. I stumbled across the author Powerone on Fictionwise. Lordy, lordy, not for the faint of heart that one! I backtrack to safer territory and read what my friends have written. Jude Mason is the queen of femdom; she can grind a spiked high heel into a man's back better than any other I've read! Check out her femdom anthology available in print and ebook from Phaze, Yes Ma'am. Derek Musgrave opened my eyes to a few things; I especially enjoyed his story Continuing Education in the Phaze Fantasies VI anthology, also available in ebook and print. Jude has a story in that one, too, Sam the Man. Hot stuff! Finally, Michelle Houston showed me the softer side of D/s in her ebook collection, Kinky Girls Do. Those stories were very enjoyable.

Okay, so the subject interests me, but I don't know much about it. (Which never stopped me from writing male/male erotic romance. No experience there, either, but a serious interest and a fair amount of research, *ahem* online.) *G* I begin sprinkling a few BDSM elements into my writing. Deep Obsessions was one of the first stories that I experimented with the subject matter. It was a fun read, and I didn't make any horrible mistakes, so I proceeded on.

In Born to Run I involved the hero in a surprise D/s releationship, which was fun to write. I had an anonymous blogger tell me I missed some serious BDSM negotiations that must occur between partners, which maybe I did. But I think when you get into a specific area like this, things are never going to be perfect for everybody. Each experience is different, and as long as I follow some basic rules, I think and hope my writing will be good enough.

I still focus mainly on the relationship between partners. The leather accessories are a fun addition, but as anyone who reads my stuff can tell you, I'm not in to lengthy, flowery descriptions of much of anything. I like dialogue, pure, open, honest conversation between two people--two lovers. That's what floats my boat.

Born from sheer insanity or a little bit of that leftover 'Yes, We Can' attitude, my latest series for Total E-Bound is about a BDSM club called the Rose & Thorn Society. The first book is a m/m/f menage called Switching Seth. I went round and round with my two editors about elements in this one, and I'm hopeful that my writing will be true to the spirit of BDSM clubs. Cause I ain't never been to one, but I had a helluva time writing about it!

Coming March 23 from Total E-Bound:

Rose & Thorn Society Book One: Switching Seth

by Jamie Hill

The blindfold blocked the light of the bright, white room. Seth Carter found comfort and, in a strange way, security in the darkness. He tugged one of his wrists, but the half-hearted attempt was futile. Both hands were bound with nylon rope strung above his head. His thighs were cuffed, a spreader bar holding them wide apart. His feet were free, but the cool metal rod ensured a stance so wide, he wasn’t going anywhere. Excitement fluttered in his stomach.

He’d watched as the cuffs were fitted on his legs. Great care had ensured the perfect width spreader had been chosen. Seth had willingly extended his hands so rope could be knotted around them before they were pulled high into the air. Observing the bondage was part of the thrill. His cock had been erect, leaking pre-cum, by the time the blindfold appeared.

Something soft touched his bare buttocks. The whisper-light sensation brushed between his legs, teasing his balls. A feather? Seth inhaled as the delicate plumage circled his erection, the gentle caress almost more exciting than a whip.

He pressed his tongue against the ball-gag invading his mouth. He wasn’t usually gagged. His Master generally preferred his mouth free, ready and available to suck whatever the man desired. Once Seth’s hands were released and his body bent over a leather-padded sawhorse, he felt sure the rubber ball would come out. Something more interesting would go in. He knew his Master well. Anticipation was part of the pleasure for both of them.

The feather tickled his underarms before returning to his genitals, then it moved swiftly to the backs of his knees. His legs twitched, but he tried desperately to remain still.

Warm breath wafted over his ear. “If you move again, the next thing you feel won’t be a feather,” his Master promised.

He froze, excitement at the prospect flooding through him. The light touch teased his calves, his forearms, the centre of his back. Whispery tendrils floated across his taut nipples, lingering at the one with the small, silver hoop piercing its tip. The feather moved away, keeping him off guard. Seth didn’t allow his body to twitch again. He took pride in obeying his Master’s every command.

“Very nice.”

The compliment rang in his ears. His Master didn’t lavish him with praise, but he did reward good behaviour.

A familiar, warm tongue slid across the back of his knee. It pressed a wet trail up his leg, skipped over the tight cuff that secured the stretcher bar and settled on the swell of his ass. Two hands pried his cheeks apart, and the tongue found a new target. Diving into his anus with little fanfare, the wet tormentor thrust deep, past the outer ring that made a brief attempt to force it out.

“Ah, such a tasty, little rosebud. But so naughty. Your sphincter thinks it has control over what goes into your body. That’s funny.” His Master chuckled.

Seth quickly relaxed his anal muscles but knew it was too late. He’d be punished for not maintaining better control. The idea sent thrilling shivers of anticipation down his spine.

His Master’s strong hands pried his cheeks apart more firmly. The persistent tongue drove deep then pulled out, licking along the crease of his ass. One hand went away, but the other spread out, pulling him open. A finger rimmed his anus and pressed in, circling and stretching the hole. “We’ll show that wayward little muscle who’s in control. You’re getting the monster tonight.”

Seth tingled inside, imagining the dildo in his mind. Thick and black, like his Master’s enormous cock, the monster was unnaturally huge. Used improperly, it could tear the rectum of its recipient. Seth wasn’t worried. He was horny as hell and, in the position he was in, there was no hiding that fact.

“Ah, your cock jumped when I told you I was going to fuck you with the monster. You’re such an ass slut. You want it bad.” His Master’s finger tugged the ring of Seth’s waiting anus, stretching it, widening it even more.

Seth groaned into the gag. He did want it bad. He only wished he could watch.

Copyright (C) 2009 Jamie Hill


  1. Jamie, first of all I'd like to thank you for your very kind words. BDSM is a genre I've always been interested in and hope I do a decent job writing.

    As some of you might know, Jamie and I share editing chores. She writes something and I do my best to tear it to pieces, and visa versa. I think we both do darned good jobs at it. I've read most of her work for the last couple of years and while I have to admit she started off pretty tentatively, and needed a little guidance, I think she's done an amazing job with her BDSM work.

    Okay, having said that, I also want to add that Jamie's strong point is what she loves, dialogue. She's got a way of bringing her characters alive through their speech. When she struggles the most is when she gets into unfamiliar territory and doesn't have her characters talk to each other. When they do, I often have to go back and edit what I've just been swallowed up by. She dose it so well, I forget why I'm there.

    And, about BDSM writing in general. There are degrees of BDSM, and D/s as there are in most aspects of human relationships. Some people will think we're horrid for dealing with such a pornographic topic. Others will say we're skirting the edge of a much deeper/darker lifestyle. There's just such a wide variety of degrees to this. Yes, a safe word and continuing conversation could be needed for some. And, in a perfect world there'd never be any abuse among those who practice BDSM. You've also got the couples who dabble in it, never needing more than a wink and a smile to signify it's spanking night. Others may have a ritual that'd knock your socks off.

    Uh, and Jamie, Switching Seth is one hell of a book.


  2. Thank you, Jude. I wouldn't want to submit a story/novel without you going over it first. I value your opinion very much!

    I can't wait to see what you have to say about this subject tomorrow... *G*



  3. Great blog Jamie!

    I like the bdsm stories. I think they're fun and femdom is probably my favorite there.

  4. Thanks Connie! Always interested to hear what readers prefer. Jude and Derek have done some great femdom stuff, for sure.

    Have a great week!


  5. Jamie, I LOVE that cover. And the excerpt was pretty hot, too...!

    My own writings in the BDSM world go far beyond my personal experience. Once I knew what it was like to submit, I felt fairly comfortable imagining the emotions of the dominant. Also, I did a lot of reading, non-fiction stuff that focused on real-world aspects of the "lifestyle". SCREW THE ROSES, SEND ME THE THORNS is a great place to start.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Hi Jamie,

    I think you're right that it's impossible to please everyone when it comes down to details. Enough negotiation for one person would be too much for someone else.

    Loved the excerpt - Switching Seth sounds soooo good!

  7. Thanks Lisabet and Kim. It's a fun genre to write though I admit it can be squirmy to read sometimes! LOL

    Have a great week,



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