Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring has sprung, the grass is rizz

I wonder where the birdies is!

Okay, it's not much of a poem, but this year, there hasn't been much of a spring here, so it fits. *G*

New life, color and warmth returning, the sun occasionally peeking out to chase away those winter doldrums, that's what spring is to me. I'm one of those unlucky people who are really bothered by the lack of light in the winter months, so when we change our clocks I'm ready for more light. Yes, I know there are allergy sufferers out there, and I'm really sorry for your suffering, but man, let there be light and may that light bring a little color into the world!

Doesn't your blood run a little faster when you see the buds forming? Don't you get that urge to walk the garden and see if there are any bulbs coming? The robins are back now, their song a joyous welcome to us every morning. (Okay, so they're really just yelling for me to get up and feed them, it's a pretty yell)

The snow is gone, FINALLY, and I'm ready to walk the beaches and go outside without my winter whoolies on!

I guess for me it's about the re-birth of things. We'll see fawns in a month or so. The eagles are already building their nests close by and many of the birds are doing their courting dances. It means the hardship of winter is passing. It's been awhile since I did any courting, but that feeling of everything new and the eagerness is still there. Don't you feel it? You can't wait to feel that warmth on your flesh.

Sweaters can be tucked away for next winter. The less cumbersome clothing pulled out and tried on to see if they still fit. For the fortunate, non-allergy people, opening windows and airing out the house is such a huge joy. It's still cool, but that's amazing too. Tightens the nipples and makes your breath catch. Yum!

Young people shed clothes, and the chance glimpse of a bit of flesh unseen for months is always a plus. Roller blades, young women in cut-offs and tanks, racing along the sea walk is enough to get anyone's blood going. A young man in tight jeans, his t-shirt flung around his neck--bare-chested he blades along at speeds that make your heart race.

I dunno, the cuddling of winter was nice, firelight and a warm blanket to cuddle under have been fun. But, that fresh air and lovely breeze off the ocean are pretty tantalizing. Spring is here, and I'm definitely ready for it.

Are you?


  1. *achoo!!!*

    Okay, you have some vaild points, there. Now that I have my Claritin, I might be able to enjoy some nipple tightening and bare-chestedness. *G*

    Lovely imagery, Jude. Great post!



  2. Hi, Jude,

    That's exactly what I was aiming for in my poem. The excitement of warmth, the light-heartedness that accompanies the return of the light. Passion rising along with the temperatures.



  3. Beautiful bog. I Love Spring. I have worse problems with the Fall pollens. We had a few false starts. The trees blossemed and then the weather turned cold. Now the pear trees in the median are so beautiful. At least now that Spring is offiially here the cold mornings feel invigorating.

    The light is really important to me. When the sun goes down early all I want to do is sleep. Maybe that is why Ireland is so fabulous in late Spring and early Summer. At 11:00 PM I have still felt energetic with the sky still not dark.

    My favorite time and place for love is twilight in the great outdoors. Nothing beats sunrise on western shores or sunsets in the east.


  4. I don't know if it was my typing or my head, but I got sunrise/sunset on the beaches backward. Oh to be back at sea where I can see both.


  5. I love that it is getting lighter and brighter for longer each day. I can't wait to take off the winter clothes, put the sandals on, turn off the furnace, and loaf outside in the warmth. It's great!

  6. Yep, I'm definitely getting the sense of spring being a time for re-birth this year.

    It's a time when life can seem so good - even when it's not!

    Kim Dare.

  7. I agree with you on a lot of this, but one question. Why only the young people shedding their clothes? Can't us old farts shed a few garments too? ;D


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