Sunday, October 31, 2010

Artificial Articles for Anal Insertion

By Lisabet Sarai

This week at the Grip, our ever-creative Charlotte has mooted the topic “Kinky Obsessions”. That stopped me for a while. I'm not the obsessive sort normally, though I guess I'm as kinky as the next girl... Then I had a brainstorm. Today I'm going to discuss a particular device that appears in so many of my stories that I guess it comes close to qualifying. Those of you with more delicate sensibilities might want to stop reading now, because, yes, I'm going to talk about butt plugs.

I was about to write, “My first novel did not include any butt plugs”. Then I realized that this wasn't true - on the very last page, in the Epilogue, one magically appears from the dominant's pocket and is inserted into the heroine's derriere as she bends over, bound, in front of a crowd. Was that the beginning of my fascination with artificial articles for anal insertion? Or do the origins of the butt plug's appeal lie further back in my history?

I've written too many novels and stories to do an enumeration (and anyway, I'm too lazy!), but I'm willing to bet that a butt plug has sneaked into at least eighty percent of the BDSM tales I've penned. So I have to ask myself, why does this category of toy keep popping up (or perhaps I should say “popping in”) in my fiction?

In the interest of journalistic honesty I must admit that I've never used a butt plug, either as the inserter or insertee. However, all you have to do is look at one of these items to feel dirty and nasty. They are the epitome of the obscene. They are available in a huge range of sizes, colors and styles – smooth or with ridges, capped with rings or jewels or even horsetails.

A butt plug can be used as warm-up, stretching the sphincter in preparation for deeper and more energetic penetration. One sexy scenario involves training a sub by inserting progressively larger plugs each day in order to increase his or her capacity for buggery. A plug can be used as a punishment or as a tease. In my recent story “Just a Spanking”, the Dom required his sub to wear one under her clothing while lecturing to her undergraduate class about computer science. Every time she moves she feels it shift inside her, reminding her of her submission to his will and pushing her closer to an orgasm that would shatter her professional reputation.

Live anal sex can be intensely erotic, a celebration of trust and a pushing of limits. Being plugged is just plain embarrassing, even if it feels good. In fact, the more embarrassed, humiliated and ashamed the victim is, the hotter the scene.

I realize that not every reader will share my enthusiasm for this device. To each his (or her) own. I won't say that butt plugs are exactly a fetish, but at very least I seemed to have imbued them with a remarkable amount of erotic charge. They worm their way (so to speak) into my writing even when I'm not paying attention. And I seem to associate them very strongly with power games. I don't recall ever incorporating one in a non-BDSM tale (although they're obviously popular for vanilla or solo sex as well).

Maybe what I need to do is write a story that involves nothing but butt plugs, as a way of exorcising this kinky cliché from my work. You know, the way eating a whole basket of cherries can turn you off cherries for life? No fellatio or cunnilingus, no nipple clamps or whips, no genital sex – just the torment/delight of being plugged. But who would want to read such a tale? Unless, of course, I'm not alone in this obsession...

Butt Plugs Anonymous, anyone?

Note: the photos in this post come from Good Vibrations and Love Honey, two top-quality purveyors of sex toys. Should any of them appeal to you - please purchase via the links at the Erotica Readers & Writers Association and get yourself a discount.


  1. *cough*

    ...I think it's fair to say you're not alone...

  2. Love it, Lisabet! That's exactly what I meant by kinky obsession- that thing that creeps into your work whether you want it to or not. Sometimes you don't even realise it's there!

    Until BAM! butt plug.

  3. Oh! Is that what they're for. I had often wondered :-)


  4. Wow Lisabet. I came to this late and I'm always amazed at your boldness. Glad my mother doesn't read our blog. Course she's dead, so you never know.

    Honestly, butt plugs, as intriguing and nasty as you say, in their gleaming smoothness and aggressive thickness, I don't know if they'd be that much fun. More like a challenge. Never know unless you try I guess. It reminds me of the opening scene in Palahniuk's story "Guts". I've never been able to look at carrots the same way again after that story.


  5. Hello, all,

    Thanks for being brave enough to read this post! I figured if I was going to talk about it, I might as well include appropriate illustrations.



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