Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Oh, The Roles

by Daddy X

Presenting yours truly as an overly optimistic stunt man circa 1965. That’s determination. Before me ran a steep flight of about 25 stairs. Funny what flights of fancy seem like  great ideas when certain drugs are involved. Somebody must have talked me down before I took the dive.


 The helmet from above pic, painted by a late friend:

50’s punk: 9th grade class pic complete with pimples. Circa 1959

 70’s pimp. … Hey! — it’s a look!

“Bill the Cat”. A special night for sure! Remember “Bloom County,” by Berk Breathed? Had this face in the center of our rotary phone dial for years.

As dirty old man. Not a big stretch. Momma X in tow. She’s a saint.


After I goosed her:

As Hitler:

As Castro- I did the dictators for a while.

As Palladin:



  1. Wow, Daddy X! These are incredible pictures! The helmet your friend painted is really awesome. But so are all your costumes. I'm a particular fan of Castro and the nun. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Annabeth-
      While going through hundreds of photos for this post, Momma and I were constantly reminded what a rich life we're living. Often without benefit of financial resources or health, we still managed to have a decent go of it..

  2. If you were trick-or-treating, I can't help wondering just what kinds of candy you were after. Or what kinds of tricks.

    1. Many of these outfits were used on Halloween in San Francisco, where Halloween is a DECIDEDLY adult party. You don't see many little ghosts and goblins looking for candy. Parents should probably keep kids under 18 locked up.

      And yes, I did get ... ahem... offers.

      And questions. Always the questions.

  3. Bill the Cat takes it, hands down!

    These are fabulous, Daddy.

    They reminded me that I could have posted pictures from the time my DH and I showed up at the California Halloween Party of an old friend, unexpected. (We'd been invited, but as we lived on the East Coast she definitely didn't expect us!) We dressed as sex researchers, in white lab coats that said "UMass Sex Research Lab", and very little underneath. I wore a merry widow and a strap-on dildo...!

    Thanks for sharing scenes from your past.

    1. Must have been cool with the strap-on poking through the lab coat. :>)


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