Friday, November 11, 2016

Random Reading

Unfortunately, my “what I’ve been reading” list is pretty unspectacular this time around. Oh, I’ve been nibbling at dozens of books, but nothing’s really bitten back. The main reading I’ve done has been my own upcoming release, “Playing House”, which hardly counts since that’s for work (although I’m really enjoying reading it as well!)
The main other reading I’ve done has been essentially forced upon me in a way. Despite the fact I’m over here in Australia, the great majority of my Facebook friends are in the US. And most of them have had opinions leading up to the election, and even stronger opinions now it’s passed. On one level it’s important to pretty much everyone in the world. But on a more real level it’s simply none of my beeswax. But it’s been occupying a lot of my attention.
If I were to give that reading any kind of review it would probably be four stars for entertainment value, one star for accuracy, two stars for character development… and I’d probably leave a long and wandering comment about how not a lot of it was believable!
In a general sense, my reading has ranged from bear shifters (both alien and earth-origin) to post-apocalypse (still, including those good ol’ brain munchin’ zombies) to Motorcycle Club dark erotic romance. And a couple of days ago I picked up the three-book boxed set of Tamara Rose Blodgett’s “Death” series. I haven’t started reading it yet, but it’s a series I’m making all new covers for (including that box set), and it’s always a bit of a buzz when you can see your own work on a Kindle!
So really, that’s about it for me. Sorry it’s not more exciting, but I’ve struggled to land a keeper, so to speak.

* * * *


Neat freak Lucy has a strict “no boys” policy when it comes to housemates… until fate and finances twist her world into knots.

Curvy redhead Lucy Featherstone has elevated her love of books to a romantic, but whimsical, climax. Her used bookstore has lent comfort during breakups from cheating assholes. It’s given her a sense of precious order in an increasingly chaotic world. And if it could just make her some damn money, everything would be just peachy.

Now, with her best friend moving out, suddenly Lucy’s mortgage is in danger. And the only solution is to break her biggest rule, and let a smelly boy move in. But when that boy happens to smell like sandalwood and sex, and look like a Greek god, Lucy’s grip on her rules—and reality—becomes that much harder to keep.


  1. I can relate to your enjoying reading your work as it evolves. For me, writing a story is not that different than reading it. Since I usually write as a 'pantser', the story often unfolds as I write.

  2. I've had the same problem lately. As you say, nothing has really bitten back!

  3. "Oh, I’ve been nibbling at dozens of books, but nothing’s really bitten back."

    This totally happens to me, too. When it does, I long for that book that's going to hit me just the right way. I spend a lot of time trying to assess my mood and find the sweet spot. But sometimes I just have a string of things that aren't for me.

  4. "Playing House" sounds like a fun read, Willsin. I remember a real-life episode from the 1980s, when I lived in an apartment with my young daughter, and for various reasons, the "gay rights" group I was in had to meet at my place -- and the other 3 members were men! Gah! As it turned out, their vibes didn't disturb the atmosphere of my home nest, they behaved well, and they all smelled good. (Of course, they were gay, or possibly bi-curious.) But I can understand your heroine's anxiety.


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