Monday, May 26, 2008

Anny's Bucket List

Hmmm. This week we're sharing our personal "what I want to do before I kick the bucket" lists. I've never had such a list so I had to think about it. It's funny how such a list will change with time. I suspect that the "reality" bug has bitten me. While I envy my fellow writer, Jenyfer, and her trek around the sights in Egypt, I know in my heart that I would find the walking far more than I could comfortably handle.

So I tried to compile a list of things that are possible as well as personally desirable. Saying that I would like to go to the moon if fine, but it's not likely. This is my list of possibilities.

1) I would like to see the Redwood Forest and the Sequoia Forest. All my life I've been drawn to the big trees. I would like to touch one. They're so big, it would almost be like touching heaven.

2) I want to travel to Alaska. Preferably in the spring or fall. I have no idea what I want to see there, but I want to go. I expect I could look it up on the Internet.

3) I want to travel to Australia and New Zealand. Again, I have no idea what I want to see there, but I suspect that there's plenty to see.

4) I want to try pottery, glass blowing, weaving, and spinning before I die. I don't expect to be expert at any of them, but I would like to try.

5) I want to meet Richard Dean Anderson...just to say "Thank you" for the hours and hours of enjoyment I received from watching McGyver.



  1. Looks like lots of travel. I have family in Alaska and see pics of this beautiful place all the time. I'd love to go there myself and I've been trying to talk DH into an Alaskan cruise. Our neighbors went on one and said they sat in deck chairs with hot chocolate and just looked out at it all. Amazing. I suspect it won't be a hard sell since DH is itching to fish there just once in his life.
    Wanna come???

  2. For me the number one would be going to Uluru (Ayers Rock). I may even get to do it, eventually -- hopefully before I'm in a wheeelchair... It is such a spiritual place. No, I would not attempt to climb it. That would be sacrilege.

  3. I've traveled so much that traveling doesn't appealed to me anymore. Now I still travel because my husband wants to go on vacation and it's seems there is no way to have a vacation at home. I've climbed the Pyramids of Egypt and visited the toumbs, went to Sidney to visit my BIL, toured Central Europe, worked in the Russian countries, vacationed in Spain, Greece, Italy and England, stayed in France at my best friend's more times than I can count, cruised in South America (it was cold and I was sick the whole time), in Alaska, and Polynesia, went on my DH's business trips in Kenya, Tunisia, Algeria, England...
    My dream, my bucket list as you call it, is to have one week, only ONE week, in peace in my own apartment without continuous interruptions, without someone making me feel guilty because I didn't drop everything and answered their calls. ONE week pleasing myself instead of everyone else. For me, home is really sweet home. And I want to visit the Holy Land. The troubles started a month before our scheduled trip and it was canceled.

  4. Great list, Anny. You'll have to let us know when you check one off.

  5. Mr. Anderson will be in Vancouver this summer (August) meeting his fans and talking about his time on MacGyver, Stargate and discussing his support for the Sea Shephard program. Tickets are still available for the weekend event at . So there is the opportunity at least to cross one item off your list! :-)

  6. Anonymous:

    Thank you so much for the info! I appreciate it!


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