Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Wrapup


  1. What the heck is the Yahtzee thing about?? I see this on James' blog all the time. Please explain... share the joke.

  2. Ahhhhh. How sweet.

    I thought Yahtzee was a game. Let me know when you find out what it means.

  3. This is sooo sweet. These little things are all over my backyard right now, eating the lawn furniture to shreds but heck, I still love them.

  4. Ah, that is a cute pic. :D

    When someone is the first to comment on a post in certain loops, they get to yell yahtzee, lol. Why, yahtzee is the exclamation of choice is beyond me, but that's what everyone on that loop uses.

  5. James! Tell them all!!!
    Well & they also bet upon it! Anyone who yells Yahtzee first on the other person's blog gets to win a book or something...

    tee hee!!! =)

  6. Well, if you yell "Big Toe" you um you get to um, er, ahhhhh OH! You get your Big Toe sucked!!!



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