Friday, May 9, 2008

Famous Predators

I have to say, I am truly impressed by the depth of insight and variety of postings by my fellow bloggers. Wikipedia has a fascinating discussion about predation worth checking out - (does a Baleen whale eating millions of microscopic plankton really conjure up scary images of a predator?)

Today being Friday i thought i would simply list a few of the more famous predators.

Remember this guy? The original predator movie was all guts and gore as this bad mamma jamma made his way around the forest maiming and hanging up his prey to "cure". The scary part was he could virtually disappear at a moments notice so you never knew quite where the attack was coming from.

Then there is Dwight from the office. In one episode he is asked to pick a new health care plan, a task which he approaches with glee. He reveals his predator status by cutting the plan down to the bare minimum and even issues this great line...

"In the wild there is no healthcare in the wild i fell broke my leg i can't run i can't hunt and a lion eats me and i am dead. Well i am not dead i am the lion Your dead."

No shortage of these little guys and gals running around every office and organization with their "kill or be killed" philosophy of life.

Next, the pick up artist. This guy's name is Mystery. He makes a living teaching guys the tricks of the trade for picking up girls in bars (as if the hat alone wouldn't be enough!). He uses a combination of NLP, wit, and disarming strategies to lure women under his spell and under his sheets!

In part, Mystery and others like him were born out of response to the female predator (we'll call her the "hey buy me a drink because I am hot even though I have no intention of paying attention to you once i have my vodka cranberry" predator - HBMADBIAHETIHNIOPATYOIHMVC for short! Ha!) These girls use tight skirts and flirty eyes to lure guys in only to leave them standing there holding nothing but a big bar tab.

Guy or gal they make the whole meeting great people that you might enjoy getting to know thing a little precarious.

At the end of the day, we probably all have a little bit of predator in us. Call it what you want... the will to survive, animal instinct, pride... Maybe one of life's biggest struggles is learning how to resist either role, predator or prey...


  1. Interesting take on the predator, Daren.

    Though in the case of the pub predators, it isn't the first image that jumps to mind, but now that you've broke it down, I can clearly see it.

    Under those circumstances I suppose during my single life, I was both predator and prey.

    Good post!

  2. JAMES!! Not you! You hit guys up to buy your beer?! *snark*

    The scariest part about these predators mentioned is the Vodka Cranberry. Makes me shiver just thinking about it.

  3. Ooh. I love vodka cranberry. DAMN..too early to think about booze. What can I say? It's been a tough life and I deserve it..sniff sniff.

    The predator movie was creepy but I HATE movies like that. Everyone is running through the dang jungle through the whole thing.Just makes me tired AND seriously creeped out.

    Great post, Daren!

  4. lol, I don't drink beer very often, but I'd definately give a smile and a wink for a Bacardi and diet coke. :D

    *slides vodka cranberry over* So... How YOU doing? :D Sorry, couldn't resist.

  5. Good post. I definitely like the office predator. Knew a few of those in my time.

  6. I went into labor during Predator 2. Hubby was watching it and laughing at me!

  7. We can HURT him for you, Molly. Great post, Daren!


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