Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cindy's Space

Writing Space #4:

This is my desk. If you'll lool closely, it ALMOST holds my laptop. Actually it does, if there is nothing else in it, which is rare. What you don't see is that it's in the middle of my dining room, so there's no place for a chair, and it has to be folded shut in order for anyone to sit at that end of the table. So I really only put the computer there if I need to print something. Or if company is coming and I shut the computer down and hide it in the desk. But it does hold my stuff, which is handy. And the file cabinet (the thing the printer is sitting on) only sticks out into the archway to the living room a little bit. Also handy.

Writing Space #3
Yep. My bed. I got a little wooden lap desk for Christmas last year, and it holds the computer while I lean against the pillows and type. As my bedroom is on the first floor, it's still handy for grabbing snacks and letting the dog out. She likes it when I work in here, as it is her favorite place to sleep. Yes, by the way, that is a sticker on my computer. it's called a skin, and you can buy them on Dell's website. Also makes it easy to tell which of the identical laptops belongs to Mom.

Writing Space #2
The couch. Sometimes I use the lap desk out here, more often the folding TV tray. I turn on Travel Channel or gameshows sometimes for background noise, otherwise listen to music. The faster the music, the faster I type, if the words are flowing that day. And I can write fine amid the chaos. Last night I had 3 teenage boys (2 are mine) and the dh laughing and screwing around in the kitchen, and I was able to write an entire sex scene. Good thing they don't know what I'm writing. :) Well, they have an idea, but after one accidental glance at the screen a couple years ago, the boys know not to bother. The dh just offers to "test drive" any and all positions.

And finally...
Writing Space #1
The dining room table. Yep. Probably more than half of my writing gets done right here. I swap out one of the kitchen chairs for my "office" chair and talk to the iguana while I write. That's him in the cage you see behind the table. Keep in mind, too that this "office" space is all of about five feet from #1. As is #3. This is not a huge house. And if I am working here, I have to shut everything down and move it out of the way so we can eat.

Well, now you've seen just about my entire house, except for the bathrooms and the boys rooms. (Not fit for human habitation.) Someday, when the kids are gone, I'll have an office. For now, I work with what I've got. It seems to be getting the job done.


  1. I have a pink skin on my laptop, too, so the guys will leave it alone.

  2. Another set of offices I have seen first hand. :D Your house is beautiful, and your family is fun as hell. I have family envy apparently. Don't get me wrong, I love mine...but you and Brynn have the sweetest hubbies and the nicest kids. I think we writer women are pretty darn lucky to have such great supportive men in our spaces...who go away when we need them to. ;)

    Great pics Cindy.

    Dakota Rebel

  3. Looks like great places to pound the keys to me. :D

  4. Thanks for answering my unasked question about the pink laptop, MaryF:)

    Great office spaces:)

  5. I love the Asian tropic feel to your home. Looks very light and comfortable.

  6. Very cool! Do you ever write on your very wonderful deck???

    Love the skin on your PC. My new laptop is red -- also so everyone keeps their hands off.

  7. LOL! your writing spaces are my writing spaces too...the dinning table, the living room & the bed! :D


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