Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two Offices

I have two offices depending on my mood and who's at home. This is Office A:

Office A is used all summer long while my other office gets dusty and is only entered when I need to get a reference book. It keeps me in the hub of the family so I can keep my thumb on what my precocious boys are up to. It is also used in the evenings...same reason.

Then there is Office B. It's my dungeon and I'm quite happy there, thank you very much. This is the one place where I can shut out the world and focus on the lives of my characters and whatever they're up to at the moment.

This is a view of my office straight on from the doorway. If you think it looks small...well it is. It's a cubicle that's been set up in my basement (thankfully dry and carpeted).

This is one of my desk surfaces. Truthfully, I worry that the papers overhead will fall on me one of these days...I really should file them in the filing cabinets outside my office. The notebooks lined up in front of the whiteboard are the notebooks I carry with me all the time. When one is full, it gets put there so that I can go back and look at story notes later. This is an old picture. There are about ten more notebooks now.

This is the backwall of my office. That white board peeking up from the bottom is what I use to plot my books using the heros journey. It's saved my life more than once. The two framed pictures on the wall were Christmas presents from my critique partner, Bronwyn. She gives the best gifts.

This is a part of my books shelves. Though it crowds the space just a little, I have two five-shelf bookshelves in the cubical. Both are fairly full. These are just my writing books (my keeper shelf is in another room).

I did a blog recently at the Hot Spot about writer's offices. If you'd like to see more, you can go here.


  1. I have seen office one...and it is great. Brynn, your family is awesome and I would want to hang out with them as much as possible too. They crack me up.

    I'm way jealous of the bookshelves. I don't have any at the moment, all of my books are in boxes all over my room. :( Someday I will get a house with a library and there will be books everywhere. *sigh


  2. I miss my 'dungeon'. Can I come up and spend a week with you? Just lock me in office B with frequent breaks and I'll get at least one book finished!

  3. Another excellent space. Wow you and Anny both are total inspirations. One day... I'd like an office. One day....

  4. Bookcases are one of the priorities in my life. I'll do without other stuff. And that's always been the way it was. I need another one, but haven't figured out where I'm gonna stash it. Maybe in a bedroom...

  5. I'll have to take picsw of my office. It's usually Border's deep armchair. Sometimes it's my bedroom with my laptop. And occasionally it's my official writing desk downstairs in the very noisy living room. Gawd I miss having a basement.

  6. I love your offices. I'm amazed at how much you get done and can get done in either office.

  7. Great offices. I can definately relate to needing office one when the family is there. :D


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