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Guest Blogger: KyAnn Waters

Born to Alpha, Rise to Alpha, and the Quintessential Alpha

The Alpha male – women adore him, men want to fight him, only the heroine can tame him.

The appeal of an alpha hero, especially in romance writing, is the sureness of his position in the story. He’s strong, confident, knows what he wants and typically that’s the heroine. His prowess is legendary, his skill with a sword unmatched?

But no one wants a hero, not even an Alpha, without flaws? Alpha doesn’t mean A**hole. An Alpha male isn’t afraid. That includes not being afraid to be honest, to show real emotion, and to be giving when necessary. He’s just sure he’s the only one who knows when that time is.

So how does an Alpha become the man everyone looks up to and every woman wants to be with? He has history, circumstances that forced him to step up. Alpha males learn from life's hardships. Instead of giving in to emotions, he rises above them. He’s created, and then defined by his desire to lead. He’s confident in his abilities and then, as an author, I give him a woman who doesn’t conform to his ideals. She’s stubborn and opinionated.

In All Lycan’s Eve – Ellora’s Cave
Kean is born to his station and rises to his responsibilities.

Kean chuckled with a nod of his head and closed the door. “I can’t wait to sink my teeth into a willing woman.” He raised an eyebrow. “Figuratively speaking, of course.” Because to bite a human made them part of the pack, made them Lycan.

Melville twisted the lid off a long neck bottle of beer. “Aye mate, you give me heart a bit of a jolt. You sounded like your da. Seeing how he’s finally convinced you to take your place.”

“Ah, that he has, but not this Halloween.”

“I’ll drink to that.” Aiden tipped his bottle in agreement and drank.

Kean laughed. “You drink to anything.”

With a heavy heart, Kean acknowledged and accepted that this year’s Halloween party would be his last. His father grew tired of the burdens of leadership. Those burdens would soon be Kean’s. He understood duty. More than that, it would be his responsibility to ensure the continued secrecy of their society and see to the financial obligations of the pack.

In After Dark – Ellora’s Cavemen JOTN Vol II.
Alandro is a vampire who doesn’t rise to Alpha until faced with adversity.

Alandro took his place beside his father. “Where is she?”

“Just wait.” Vasco reseated himself. “She doesn’t know who she is or more importantly what she is.” He sighed and leaned back in his chair. “We must proceed cautiously.” He steepled his fingers beneath his pointed chin. “She was just a child. We don’t know how much she witnessed of her parents’ death.”

“Their murder.”

Vasco nodded. “And it appears she was raised by the slayer who killed them.”

Alandro leaned forward and rested his forearms on the table. “Then you know who the slayer is?” He narrowed his gaze on his father. “Tell me.” He stood. “So that I can find him. After I drink every last drop of blood from his body, I’ll tear his heart from his chest.”

“Alandro, calm yourself and listen. You don’t understand. The slayer is dead.”

Then what was the problem? If he didn’t have to fight for his bloodmate’s safe return, why wasn’t she already with him? A part of his soul remained vacant without her. Until a few hours ago, he believed he’d spend eternity alone.

In The Cougar Meets Her Master – The Wilder Roses
Colt, with his BDSM lifestyle, is the quintessential Alpha shown by behaviors.

The dealer set a small pile of chips on the table. “All in,” Colt said and slid the chips into the betting circle. The night would ride on a single turn of the cards. If the house won, he lost. But if the cards played in his favor the night was bound to get interesting.

Taylor spun on the seat and met his stare. A smile tugged on her lips. “You’re feeling lucky?”

“In about two minutes, we’re both going to be feeling lucky.”

The dealer dealt the table. “This is our hand. Winner take all.” The jack of clubs showed face up. He didn’t bother to look at his hole card. Anticipation for the hand paled in comparison to what he felt for Taylor. The dealer worked around the table. The man to the right tapped the green felt for a card and busted. The dealer paused over their cards.

Colt shook his head. “Stay.”

Taylor’s pink tongue peeked from between her lips. One brow arched.

A moment later, Colt flipped over their cards and the dealer announced, “Twenty-one,” and stacked double the chips in the betting circle.

Colt smiled. “I win.”

She swallowed, and the seductive movement in her throat had his dick jumping in anticipation. “So what do you want?”

“Room service.”

The Grip crew would like to thank KyAnn for being here today. To find out more about any of her books, click on the covers, or on the link below.


  1. Love, love, love these excerpts! I have read two of these books. They're fabulous.

  2. Thank you, Kyann for guesting with us today. Excellent excerpts!

  3. Hey KyAnn,

    All Lycan's Eve rocks! Vera HAWT! As for alphas, what's not to love (grins).

  4. Great excerpts, KyAnn! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. I think Alphas can be asshats. However, it has to be something they overcome in order to get the heroine. Alphas who are perfect bore me. I want the flawed ones who learn about themselves on the journey to getting their mate. To me, that kind of dynamic is exciting. They way they show they are Alpha is all in how they choose to change in order to get what they want. It's about the strength of their will and their sense of right and wrong, their values and loyalty, and their flexibility and humility. Perfect heroes are one dimensional to me. I like the Alphas who don't seem to be Alphas at first, but who grow into the role by their actions and emotions.

    Great excerpts! I'll have to check out those books now. (And the TBB list grows. LOL)

  6. You know how much I LOVE Kean in All Lycan's Eve, KyAnn! Great excerpts, I can't wait 'til I have time to catch up on all of your wonderful stories!

    I love an alpha hero....sigh. LOL Lori Foster did a workshop for us this year called the AlphaDog, and it was so good. I think she writes an amazing alpha hero, in fact Joe Winston is my all-time fave hero. :-)

  7. Thanks you everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpts.


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